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    The most accurate thing out?

    I bought this from ebay the other day: in my opinion its the best thing out at the moment. I downloaded the Bundesliga patch but i don't think it was as good. i recommend it if anyone...
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    USB Gamepads on Vista -> HELP PLEASE

    ok so i have a joytech ps2 controller to usb adaptor which i purchased off about 18 months ago, now - can someone help me find a reason as to why this won't work on vista? i'm thinking that probably it's not compatible with vista.. since vista wasn't out then so... can someone...
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    challenge training..

    HOW?! there's a picture of thierry doing challenge free kick training, and you can't fucking do it on the game! do you have to unlock or something? if so by doing/completing what?
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    PES2008 European News: EPL Licensed Teams HERE (amongst other things)

    Prepare to be rather pleasantly suprised. It's fair to say that Konami have bagged many new team licenses for PES2008, the latest, forthcoming installment of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. But the big debate over the years has been about the lack of licensing in English Premier League teams...
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    PES 2008 Latest News: READ

    Special Features Game features: All New 'Teamvision' AI System. Improved AI for Defenders and Attackers. Enhanced Close Control system enabling more control of the ball when dribbling. Improved Set Pieces - players now have full control over the defensive wall. Increased Player detail...
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    Stadium Request

    Does anyone have links to, or would provide links to and of the following stadiums: -Stade Municipal Saint-Symphorien (FC Metz) -Stade de la Meinau (RC Strasbourg) -Stade Michel d'Ornano (SM Caen) -Estadio José Zorrilla (Real Valladolid) -De Koel (VVV-Venlo) -De Vijverberg (De...
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    Kit Request Thread

    I am starting this kit request thread for everyone to use. Some of my own include where i could find GDB folders of the 07/08 season kits for: -Sunderland -Birmingham -Wigan -Everton -Middlesbrough -Portsmouth Anyone that would be kind enough to put me in the right direction or post...
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    converting .wav to .adx

    hello guys, i've done this before and there has been no problems. but today ive converted the mp3 into wav fine and when i try to convert into .adx using dkz it is failing to do it all the time. does ne1 no why this is happening? so far only one song ive tried has worked. i have made sure...
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    Friuli, Udinese!

    Ok ive been searching far and wide now and i simply cannot find the udinese stadium! I found 1 link on filefront but the link has broken. Ive also seen the big italy pack but that link is also broke. has anyone got it and would be kind enough to upload it for me? I wud appreciate that very much...
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    Full Working West Ham GDB Folder

    Anyone? i've tried 3 sets now and they're all fucked up.
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    PES6 On Windows Vista

    I have recently bought a new acer laptop and have a free upgrade to Vista which must be sorted by 30th March at the latest. I am going with Home Premium Edition, but before I upgrade, has anyone encountered notable problems with playing PES6 and with add-ons such as kitserver (seeing as it's so...
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    Loz99 Editing

    First face made for PES6. Links to be posted soon. Comments?
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    Converting bmp to .bin

    How do you do this? Please Help. I've made a face using a tutorial by Jay and all is ok, however, i don't know how to convert the BMP image i made into a .bin file so i can put it in to kitserver. Thanks.
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    Amazing New Up-To-Date Database for FM 07

    FMFormation Update A database update for Football Manager 2007. This will make your game up to date with all the latest transfers, loans, manager moves etc. etc. We've also included some extras to make your game even more realistic. We included Real Fixtures for some countries. Please read...
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    At long last, the PES6 Superpatch is out - tomorrow!
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    Pathetic, way too often, to big players in particular and too serious most of the time. All 4 of my new signings injured seriously in the first 2 games of the season, including 2 other first team players.
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    Bundesliga Logos PATCH

    Is there say, a dkz studio mini-patch containing logos for league C (bundesliga) teams, because i have the right squads but the team emblems are the same old checkered logos. I ant the logos without having to get a new OF because mine is all up to date and I have edited loads of players. Help...
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    Network Game Help

    Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help me get a network game up running. I know the basics, i.e. starting a network game, going --> preferences --> network and ticking run as server. I went to game status to find the IP address and my brother managed to find the server and get in with the...
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    Gaming Access is Back!

    But pesfaces is still down...