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    Random teams into a tournament with CM (or TM)

    Hello. I'd like to know if it's possible to create a tournament within Creation Master 07 (or even Tournament Master, it's the same) with random teams. Everytime I create a tournament and insert teams, I have to choose a championship and then a team from the reported championship (for...
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    Adboards ID

    Hello Has someone the full list of adboards ID please (the 24 ones, each one for one league) ? Thanks
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    Particular face ref.

    Hello Does anyone know what "Specific face ID" means ? It's located above "generate apparence" in the player menu. I don't understand because when you assign a face, it's the player's ID that matters and here we have a totally new ID... I tried importing Ariel Ortega face (created), it worked...
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    Problem with zdata_01.big file

    Hello When I saved with CC, my zdata_01.big file crashed, it disappeared from my folder (????) and so I lost all kits and flags for imported teams (because they're installed in the 01 file). It happened 2 times with 2 different Fifa installs. Hopefully I made a backup this time but I'd like...
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    Finding deleted teams

    Hi Does anyone know how to re-find a team we've deleted in CC (using "No" when asked instead of "yes"), just like deleted players who come on the Free Agents list ? Thanks
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    League logos

    hi Does anyone know which are the pixel sizes for logos in newly created leagues into CC ? Thanks
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    Search engine problem

    Hi There is a problem with the advanced search engine... we can only search for newly posted messages (in the new forums), impossible to get those from the previous version of the forums ... It's a pity Are you going to check this ? Thanks
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    Moving teams

    Hi I want to create some new "leagues" like UEFA, AFC for example and I want to place existent teams from National Teams to UEFA, AFC ... Do you think it's possible ? I've tried but I haven't found how to do ... :( Thanks in advance
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    Importing Football Fusion teams into CC ?

    Hi Does anyone know how to import Football Fusion teams into CC ? When you export teams from TCM, they are in the FIFA2005 folder and you can use these teams after having downloaded them in the FIFA game but you can't save them into the database... afterwards you quit FIFA and the Football...
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    I'm searching for people who use CC in order to trade teams

    Hi I'm searching for people who use CC in order to trade created teams into .c05 files (via MSN messenger or email) I think it's safer than using patches and easier to run with CC (most of the patches are unavailable or bugging in CC program after having been installed so it's quite a...
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    Importing 2GK kits

    Hi, I import 2GK kits with CC (around 1,5 Mo file) and they're simple kits in the game (not 2GK ones). Do you know how importing real 2GK kits ? (actually I used Kit Raptor but I can't use it with newly created teams....) Thanks in advance