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  1. Wujek

    Fifa Online 4 faces

    Few months ago great editor Telega12 shared with us Fifa Online 4 (Korea 2002) faces converted for Fifa 15. [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14 We can use this faces in our Fifa 14, but hairs is not compatible. Some days ago I used hairs from Fifa Online 3 for this faces and this is effect...
  2. Wujek

    Please correct my birthday in user CP.

    "Once your birthday has been entered, it cannot be changed. Please contact an administrator if it is incorrect". I registered long time ago and I use in registration incorrect my birthday date. Please, Admin, can you change my true birthday date? My birthday date is 30.08.1995r.
  3. Wujek

    Legends & Women Team Patch

    Legends & Women Team Patch (Teams in .cmp format) Project included: 1. Women Team (All Stars) in Fifa 14 2. Managers Team (+ maybe Dunga and Maradona from XBOX World Cup 2010 game) 3. New York Cosmos Fantasy Team (Squad with players with hidden faces in Fifa 14 like Torsten Frings etc.)...
  4. Wujek

    Legends 15 To 14 Conversion

    This is all FIFA 15 Legends exported from the xbox 360 data3.big. These faces need compress and convert for Fifa 14. Link and faces by HalaMadrid9248: Please can someone convert these faces from Fifa 15 to Fifa 14...
  5. Wujek

    Uncle's thread

    Hello everyone! :D I'm back. No create new faces (not have time). Please, no request. Only update works others facemakers or my old faces from old Fifa to Fifa 14 This is Fabio Capello face from World Cup 2014 game by EA. Update to young version by Wujek Thanks for Giggiriva (hair suggestion) (Y)
  6. Wujek

    Fifa 15 - New faces EXPORT

  7. Wujek

    Fifa 14 to Fifa 13 faces converter

    Hi. I'm Wujek ex polish facemaker. I have ask: is possible convert faces from fifa 14 to fifa 13? How I can doing this? This is hard work? Whether there is a converter Fifa 14 to Fifa 13 faces? Maybe someone help me? This is very important for me and my friends. (I need covert...
  8. Wujek

    Models & Hairs Suggestions Thread

    This is thread for all human who need any suggestion to hairs and models. Please, I need suggestion (models) for: CLASSIC Valentiono Mazzola Jurgen Kohler Alfredo di Stefano Włodzimierz Lubański David Odonkor Raul Bravo Please help me, maybe someone...
  9. Wujek

    Faces from Poland ;)

    Wujek is back :D Tomasz Radzinski (born in Poznań (Poland). Retired Canada NT, Fullham, Everton) Marcin Kikut (Ruch Chorzów) Artur Wichniarek and Filip Burkhardt Tomasz Brzyski (Legia Warzawa) Vlade Lazarevski Tomasz Dawidowski (Lechia Gdańsk) texture...
  10. Wujek

    Classic Faces by Wujek

    This is my new topic - Eric is retiredand, I work alone :) This is Krassimir Balakov and Luigi "Gigi" Riva: Adrian Ilie, Hidetoshi Nakata, Bixente Lizarazu, Denis Irwin Jurgen Klinsmann
  11. Wujek

    Classic Patch - Idols Of Our Youth...

    I have great idea with create legends players in 3-4 teams. Idols of our youth... Gascoigne, Salenko, Maldini, Lineker, Klinsmann, Schmeichel, Ronaldo etc. 1. And correct faces from Classic XI: Facchetti, Krankl, Rufer, Hagi, Koeman, Voller, Boniek, Amancio, Abedi Ayew, Tresor, Leonardo...