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    Ochko Kit Thread

    Wow unique kits, well done :) P.S. Yeah I've saw that vivatel's logo is great ingame.
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    Ochko Kit Thread

    CSKA kit is great but the vivatel logo is so wide I think. Look at this for example: And at this: And for the away kit: vivatel logo is in black background with the size of...
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    Ochko Kit Thread

    Vihren's kit is great, but I'ma not sure that the kit has that black lines. Check this out: , ;)
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    Ochko Kit Thread

    Great kits Ceco, great kits :) Or in Bulgarian: Евала стра'отно :)
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    Betze and Remal faces !

    Ya men, Nikopolidis is just great :) EDIT: Charisteas!!! EDIT 2: I'ma soo stupid :D :D :D
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    :::EASTERN EUROPEAN PATCH:::(FIFA 08):::organization

    Здравей Диего ...незнам дали е уместно да ти пиша &#1089...
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    :::EASTERN EUROPEAN PATCH:::(FIFA 08):::organization

    Bitch what you need to do is? Hand my coat and roll me and do it...different strokes, fo' different stroke...ou you suck BFL's dick in Doggy Style :) С други думи- ще дойд&#1072...
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    Betze and Remal faces !

    Wow great, no not just great, unique faces. Well done, you're the greatest face maker in the world ma' nizzle :)
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    :::EASTERN EUROPEAN PATCH:::(FIFA 08):::organization

    If you use BFL patch I'll еба твойта майка!!!
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    d1VaKa Faces | 08 |

    Gimme the original pics of the players to compare them my nigga :)
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    NK FOOTBALL © FIFA™ WE5 +League - Download

    Is there a difference If I install only WE4 and if I install WE1,WE2 and so on before I install WE4? Or with other words to install new gameplay do I need to install only WE4 or I need to install previous patches before?
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    Demo? Out Now!

    Stop dat spam nizzles !!!
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    Questions about Fifa '08 (Merged Threads)

    About BD's in FIFA08 I have few created teams in a database in fifa07, will I can export my created teams in FIFA08 (with Creation Master) like I can do that with Champ. Leag. 07? And other quest: Will demo database have same structure as the FIFA08 database (I mean the diff. to be only...
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    New Video:Best Gameplay Ever

    In game the game is like FIFA 07, maybie small diufferences, and the menu is like FIFA 07. But all that we'll see on Monday :)
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    Well that changes the kit attributes: e.g. socks colour, the colour of numbers and so on ;)
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    Leagues in FIFA 08?

    Irish :D Maybie the other two leagues will be Argentinian and Russian :)
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    Stadium Importing Problem

    Remember the max size of fifa.fat is 441 kb or another idea: the textures in the stadium (a.k.a. Adboard and so on) are 2G. Convert them in 1G and maybie the game willn't crash ;)
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    Fifa managermode crashes after first year.

    You're with patch, who isn't well made, with original FIFA that kinda crash is impossible ;)
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    editing in UCL07

    Err Yes and No. The newest version of CM supports UCL but there are some bugs. For example if you edit some team, then the kits of this team are missing from tha game :jambo:
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    Creation Master 07 Released

    Try with .Net Framework 3.0 ;)