1. Agustín.Ziro

    FA Cup Adboard?

    Hello, does anyone have the adboards for the fa cup? I know I shouldn't do this type of post but I can't find it on the page
  2. carloratto

    Remove Adboards near the side of the nets!! SOLVED!!

    Hi Guys! How i can take off the Adboards near the sides of the nets? What i need to write into the Locale.ini? Thanks!
  3. afwan


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  4. saul.silva

    Help with adboards and flags (banners)

    Please can anybody of good heart tell me how to solve this problem in the adboards and in the flags (banners) that I put? I already tried with the adboard that comes in the's template, I already tried to import this adboard from another stadium, but it continues the same way...