career mod

  1. jakim_

    Change career starting year

    HI, I'm making a patch myself, and I have a trouble. I want to change the career starting year, but I don't know how. If anyone did it, i'll apreciate that can give my a hand with this. Thank u!
  2. R

    Please Help. How disable transfers in career mode?

    Guys, who knows, please tell me what values need to be changed in the TransfersLeagueBuckets file to permanently disable transfers in career mode?
  3. L

    How do I change the club that wants to hire me in player career mode??

    I use the live editor and I can only change the Club Offer to Manager mode, but I wanted to change it in Player mode and it doesn't work in Job Offer
  4. paulv2k4

    paulv2k4 FIFA 19 Mods

    Hi all. My FIFA 19 Mod development is now over. I may or may not be back on Soccer Gaming for FIFA 20. Thanks for the support. This year I have 3 items for you. 1. My Career Mod - 2. My Gameplay Mod -...
  5. H

    map files

    does anyone have any decent customized map files for FIFA (the ones that are part of the country data and that usually appear on the youth scouting page in career)?
  6. ovide


    Hello guys, it´s me again. as ariel said posible no more moddingway so I did it again I updated the last update of moddingway. -full carreer mode working -db updated with rosters up to 22-10-18 -kits converted from fifa 19 by @scouser09 -graphics theme by fabix72 -new uefa balls and...
  7. Leandro Ariagno

    Leandro Ariagno's Mods

    Hi everyone, my first post, i like to share this ESPN logo for fifa 18, hope you like it Hola a todos, mi primer post, me gustaria compartir este logo de ESPN para fifa 18, espero que les agrade ___________________________________ MY OTHER MODS - MIS OTROS MODS: UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE MOD...