1. G

    How would I go about adding a new league?

    Title says it all. I was wondering since I am planning to add various Asian leagues to the game. I currently have the Korean Second Division's kits finished, but I have no idea how to add leagues without first deleting an existing one with functioning promotion/relegation systems. Any help would...
  2. Dmitri

    Creation Master 15 2021 (FIFA14, FIFA 15)

    Creation Master 15 with small fixes. Original code created by Rinaldo. Major changes and updates: * window is now centered and adjusted to display resolution * enabled linear filtering for textures in 3D preview * correct 3D render for all vertex formats Source code and binaries...
  3. Kovea

    creation master Problem windows 10 update july/10/19

    creation master Problem windows 10 update july/10/19 My master creation stopped working and it does not start, everything started with the last update of windows 10 July 10-19.. now does not start my PC and install windows 7 also no work, any solution?