db master

  1. JochemLFC2

    JochemLFC2's tutorials

    I'm getting a lot of questions in dm about how to edit fifa 16, I decided to open a topic to show you guys some tutorials. The first one: how to transfer players in Creation master 16. Please tell me if I can help you guys with more things :)
  2. himre20

    How can I edit the appearance of players already in the game?

    Can i unlock the "appearance" tab in "Edit Real Player" somehow? Or i can only change the id's?
  3. somuchbetter

    A specific request in db master

    Hi guys, I am trying to update all the rosters from a national team mod database on creation master and db master. But, instead of creating an entire new player, I want to re-name some players who don't get called up to the national team anymore with players that currently play. A lot of...
  4. N

    FIFA16 db convert for FIFA14

    Hello everyone, i'm finally can convert FIFA16 db to FIFA14. I run it with creation master 15 and i didn't found any error for now. I can login to FIFA14 and no error after selecting language. I can login to main menu and choose exhibition/friendly match I can choose any teams and go to...
  5. L

    How to replace the .db file to a modified one

    Hello. I am trying to create my country`s league (that is missing in FIFA 19). Firstly, i export fifa_ng_db and fifa_ng_db-meta and then import it to DB Master (or Creation Wizard), i change all the names of league, teams and other stuff. Then, i import modified files back to Frosty Editor. When...
  6. F

    Changing Color Of A Competition Or League

    Well. I want to modify an existing league's scoreboard and popups, but when i do the replacements in graphics I noted there is a changing color depending on the region or league and it changes my scoreboard and popups. I would be happy if i could change the region color with the db master in CG...