1. F

    Need help

    So, I'm using now the Creation Master 10, and I'm trying to put the logo of the team, but whanever I try, this message appears (Translation: it happened a non tratated excecion in the app. If you click in continue, the app will ignore this error and will try to continue. If you click on "Exit"...
  2. jesale10

    Issue with CM15, Error 10000

    Hey, I'm getting this error every time I try to open Fifa 14 db, someone knows how to solve it?
  3. C

    FIFA 11 "Maybe you have too many players in your team"-Error in carrer-mode

    Hi, Im playin a carrer in FIFA 11 with season 20 patch and when I tried to start the next match in second season, there is an error massage that says I got too many players inside my team. Similar experience?
  4. N

    FIFA16 db convert for FIFA14

    Hello everyone, i'm finally can convert FIFA16 db to FIFA14. I run it with creation master 15 and i didn't found any error for now. I can login to FIFA14 and no error after selecting language. I can login to main menu and choose exhibition/friendly match I can choose any teams and go to...
  5. Forlan10

    "Failed to read past end of stream" on CM11

    I've been getting this exception when working on my old .CMPs, because I found out there's some inconsistent IDs - I'm thinking that might be the cause because it didn't happen until I started correcting the IDs to the ones officially supplied by EA. I'm thinking there might be a cap to the ID...
  6. T

    Parameter is not valid. Problem with kits

    Somebody who know this error, Can help me? If need more details, I can tell it
  7. Adempc

    FIFA 18 Black Screen Error

    Game constantly gave black screen error. What can I do?I tried all the ways processor: Intel Core i3-4005U(1.7 GHZ, 3MB L3 cache) Motherboard: Intel Core HD Graphics 4400, up to 1792 MB Dynamic Video Ram : 4GB DDR3 L Memory