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  1. I

    FIFA 07 (PC) Multi-Language

    Hello guys, My name is Ibsen and I've been playing FIFA 07 for a good while, but I had some issues when it came to switching languages (especially commentary) I'm Brazilian and I always liked FIFA 07 commentary in Portuguese but when I installed the program to install the Brazilian Portuguese...
  2. Zizu07

    FIFA 11 - Nostalgia mod (fifa 07)

    Hi everyone! Sometimes i remembered FIFA 07... music, squads, atmosphere, it was a good times, but the engine, to be honest ,isn't playable for today. I hope there is someone else who did spend a lot of time in this beautiful game and ready to join this project and reincarnate this legend! The...
  3. chesfunk

    Fifa 07 Xbox 360 facepacks Please

    Please upload rx2 facepacks of fifa 07 console xbox
  4. Dmitri

    FIFA 07 Remastered Edition

    Idea and target It's no secret that the PC version of FIFA 07 was graphically terrible. Pixelated faces, torn-eyed pitch, blurry interface textures... EA has mocked PC players over the years, slipping something incomprehensible instead of innovation and progress. The goal of this project is to...
  5. Dmitri

    Re-creating FIFA 07 faces in better quality

    In this tutorial you will see how to improve the quality of existing faces in FIFA 07. So first of all, here's the list of things we need: - FIFA 07 itself - FIFA 08 (for better face textures) - FIFA Manager 08 (for better hair textures) - Blender 2.8+ (for model editing, recommended 2.9 when...
  6. Dmitri

    Converting 3D-head model to old-gen FIFA format (FIFA07, 08, 06)

    In this tutorial I'll explain how to convert head model to FIFA 07. Since model format in FIFA 07 is same with FIFA 06/08 format, this tutorial will also work for FIFA 06 and 08. This tutorial doesn't explain how to create head models and textures from scratch. It shows how to convert existing...
  7. FroggyJohnson

    FIFA 07 Celebrations

    Greetings everyone. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like you to please tell me which players on FIFA 05 until FIFA 07 (PS2) had their own special goal celebrations. I've compiled over 60 players.
  8. 0743v3r

    Play FIFA 07 @ Full HD (1920x1080px)

    Download edited fifa07.exe and watch instructions HERE. Video here:
  9. G

    FULL LEAGUES 2018/19

    Liga MX 2018/19 -Ball -Adboards-- -Some Faces- -Full Roster Kits 2018/19 Link: SPL - Scotish Premier League 2018/19 Ball Adboards Kits 2018/19 Full...
  10. Radziwilowicz

    Minikits By Mikey XY

    Minikits LaLiga 18/19
  11. M

    FIFA 10 Stadiums created by Marian(TIM) New 2019!!! Compatible with FIFA 07.

    Hello. Here I will post my created stadiums for FIFA 10 compatible with FIFA 07.
  12. 0743v3r

    0743V3R FACES

    I made some faces: Download my faces (and a lot more) here: What do you think about?