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  1. C

    Error displayed when importing Hair for Fifa 19

    Hello. i am having trouble adding player hair in frosty mod editor for Fifa 19. when i add hair i get no error, but when i enter the game, player hair is showing messy (not the correct structure of the player) hair). Can you take a video of the hair add process? hope you help
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    YakupGamingHD' Mods

    Hey I am a Modder For FIFA 19 (Used To Make Mods For FIFA 18) And These Are My Mods: FIFA 21 Original Faces Converted To FIFA 19 Players Included: Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi Neymar JR Mbappe Eden Hazard Romelu Lukaku Alex Lacazette Granit Xhaka Ben Chilwell Youri Tielemans De Gea Harry...
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    Classic Faces

    DOWNLOAD Head ID 205518 DOWNLOAD Head ID 188168 DOWNLOAD Head ID 227125 DOWNLOAD Head ID 178393 DOWNLOAD Head ID 238399
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