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  1. 8

    FIFA 19 changing goal nets?

    Hi there; So, as I have seen here people changing the goal nets on FIFA 18 via locale.ini. I would really to know if it will be possible with the new FIFA 19 as it is a no-go for me, if not possible. Thank you.
  2. Radziwilowicz

    Minifaces by Radziwilowicz Minifaces FC Barcelona 18/19
  3. T

    2018-19 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    --NEWS FEED------------------------------------------------------------------ 05.10.2019 - New Thread: 2019-20 patch: Link 30.09.2019 - Add-on: 2017-18 Squads - patch released: Link 22.09.2019 - Add-on: World Cup 2018 patch released: Link 18.08.2019 - Info: Future releases: Link 11.08.2019 -...
  4. iturbe67

    Actual for FIFA 19

    Squads update!
  5. Harry BullZak

    HBZ Career Mode Mod (F19-14 - 18/19 Season)

    NEW SEASON MOD HERE - LINK CURRENT VERSION = v2.52 v2 Full features can be found HERE Status - 2.52 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE UPDATE Hey all. In recent weeks I've been playing my mod and have enjoyed it. So thank you to everyone who helped to make it. :D Because I've actually been playing it I have...
  6. cikoman

    FIFA 19 Practice Arena

    Guys just every year the practice arena is back! Just type the following line into the local.ini And type the half length minutes also if you want! HAVE FUN SKIP_BOOTFLOW=1 HALF_LENGTH=6 AI_SETTING_HALFLENGTH=6 Watch here for a preview:
  7. Sebbastos

    FIFA Community Mod - Old Versions

    *****COMMUNITY MOD***** - 5.0 This patch groups together several mods from the community and makes them compatible. *ONLY CGFILE EXPLORER - OFFICIAL GAME AND LAST UPDATE* A clean fifa is strongly advised, erased your team files before any installation Special thanks for The Community Mod...