frosty tool

  1. E

    300 LEGENDS + 50 CLASSIC KITS !!!!

    I would like to kindly ask the members of the modding community if they are willing to work together to create a MOD with additional legendary players and also legendary kits. I'm talking the correct minifaces and stats. Moddingway used to do this for every FIFA series up until FIFA 16...
  2. D Tom

    Unhandled Exception On Frosty Mod Manager Launch

    Hello, I am new to the FIFA 18 modding scene and it all seems pretty straight forward... but I can't get FMM to launch my FIFA 18. I'm using version 1.0.3A4 of FMM but I just keep getting the same "Unhandled Exception" when I try to launch that is accompanied with a loading screen. When I click...
  3. S

    FIFA 18 Frosty Mod Pack 1 Superpatch

    Hey it is possible to make this ( FIFA 18 FROSTY MOD PACK 1.0 – SUPERPATCH ) work for the current version of the game ??? I got this from Fifa infinity
  4. A

    Frosty Editor News

    Any news of the new version of the Frosty editor that works with the latest updates?
  5. R

    Get Frosty Mod Manager To Work

    Hi! I made some new videos about Modding FIFA 18 with the newest Update of Frosty Tool 1.0.3 alpha 4 Here you find the new Video Here is the whole modding Playlist Here is the whole Youtube Channel and here is the homepage Just watch and tell me if you need help with modding - i will make a...
  6. kosmagrawgry

    Boots In FIFA 18

    I have question to You All (Y'ALL) Is there is or will be a possibility to edit boots in FIFA 18 like there was in FIFA 17 (i mean Frosty Tool) Export Boots Texture and change collor etc. I'd love to see new pair of boots in the FIFA 18 Thanks for Your response and time