1. messi as

    how do i have 2 fifa 14 at the same time on a pc?

    while I wait for the harry bulzak mod, I want to install another mod but in a clean fifa 14, without having to delete the other one, how do I do that?
  2. Prof4x4

    How Can I Build My Own Team?

    Hello How can I create my own team in the game? What is the final point in making patches in the game?
  3. A

    Tottenham Hotspur new stadium

    I request all the modders to please make the new Tottenham stadium for FIFA 15 If not, please tell me how to, so that I can make one and upload it
  4. gabrimo

    Football game development collaboration

    Hi all, I've been out of this mod community for the last couple of years (I used to model stadiums). Now I'm starting my own football game in Unity (yeah, you read right). I know that this kind of genre it's one of the most complex for indie developers around but I don't care, I'm really tired...
  5. Q

    Soccer game quiz

    Soccer fans are found everywhere. So, I call on to all of them. Wear your cleats and whizz past this quiz to know more about soccer.. Q. Who won the 1994 FIFA World Cup? A: Brazil Q. Which of these star soccer players has never played for Real Madrid? A: Lionel Messi Q. According to the...
  6. P

    Online football manager game

    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know about a game that I've been working on for 3-4 years now (it started as a personal hobby). I'm currently getting ready to launch, and I would be happy if you would be interested in checking it out. At the moment you can...
  7. Archeto

    Football Superstars

    Hello everyone! For those interested in a Football game where you can control one player in a team full of other players, then make sure to check out it's a game where you live your career as a Football player and progress trying to be on of the best players in...
  8. Aranaktu

    FIFA 18 - Save Editing Thread

    Hey guys. Since I'm playing FIFA (2003) I was always curious why there isn't any save editor for this game? A few months ago I've decided to start reverse engineering a save file format in order to make a fifatracker website. I'll post here what I've found so far. FIFA 18 is pretty much already...