1. D

    Goal Nets

    Hello peeps! I know this is late but as FIFA 21 isnt much different from 20. I will be sticking with FIFA 20. I have been looking into different goal nets and came across this style (which i personally prefer): The nets are very tight and as such, the bottom of the net is raised slightly. Add...
  2. Fernanditus23

    Improved Goal Nets (It does not work?)

    In FIFA 20, an error occurs if we modify the goalnet styles in Locale.INI. They don't look good visually. In fifa 19 it works correctly. 1) DEFAULT 2) SOCCERNET_BOX_NORMAL_TENSE_4_SUPPORTS = 1 (Hards - Picture ONE) 3) SOCCERNET_BOX_DEEP_LOOSE_4_SUPPORTS = 1 (Football Kingdom Style - Picture...