1. diazjesux

    minifaces Serie BKT 20-21

    Virtus Entella Download
  2. Peppino_86

    Team commentators

    Hello, I need help, I am creating the lower categories of the Italian Serie A and I used the Japanese championship and the Australian championship, but I have a problem with the comment, does anyone know how you manage to remove the name of the team from the commentators?
  3. M

    Serie A 18/19 Full Updated by MarianTIM

    Serie A 18/19 Full Updated CMP Version: Official kits (home, away, goalkeeper, third) + mini-kits Official squads Official formations New player overall based on transfer market value All my created faces from Serie A, including Cristiano Ronaldo new face update
  4. ilEnzo97

    Italian Kits by ilEnzo97

    Gallipoli 1909 (Eccellenza) Home - Away - Third or GK
  5. diazjesux

    Italy Serie B 2017/18 Making KITS

    I looked for the kits but I can not find them anywhere I am a beginner creating kits I found this patch for ps4 for pes I have edited them and this is the result Hopefully someone will be encouraged to edit the kits...