1. SkyMonchon

    DPR Korea Football League & DPR Korea National Football Team fifa 22 [French & English support only ]

    Hi it’s me again! This time I will create the North Korean league on fifa 22;) Unfortunately as it is a country a "can" refermer many players are unknown ducoup they will bear the first name and name "unknown". The mod is finish ;) there will be (myabe) some patch in the futur (I don't think so)...
  2. OnePoleLeft

    Help needed making the Canadian Premier League (cancelled)

  3. F

    FIFA 23 Hawaiian Premier Division Mod

    FIFA 23 Hawaiian Premier Division Mod Hey Guys, for some time now me and some buddies had the idea to make an own league for FIFA 23 out of our home state Hawai'i, because (due to lack of representation in real professional soccer), Hawai'i is of course not integrated in FIFA in any way so far...
  4. B

    HELP WANTED creating a league FIFA 22

    Hey everyone I am wanting to create my own fantasy league but it’s way too much work and I don’t have much time on my hands. If I could have anyone to help or make it for me that would be great and I’d extremely appreciate it. I would send you each team’s: details, players, how good they should...
  5. G

    How would I go about adding a new league?

    Title says it all. I was wondering since I am planning to add various Asian leagues to the game. I currently have the Korean Second Division's kits finished, but I have no idea how to add leagues without first deleting an existing one with functioning promotion/relegation systems. Any help would...
  6. Prof4x4

    How Can I Build My Own Team?

    Hello How can I create my own team in the game? What is the final point in making patches in the game?
  7. Derbyoflove

    Austrian Lower League Fantasy

    Hi Everyone, I am new to modding and the forum. The last few months I was working on something maybe worth to share. Most of the work was done with CM16. Created a fictional second league for Austria with 12 (existing) Teams. The selection was based on friends requests. Following teams are...
  8. ILNUR127

    League transition

    I created two leagues. How to make, that from the first league 2 teams took off, and from the second league 2 teams passed to the first league?
  9. F


  10. L

    Manager/Owner League

    Probably sounds odd to most, but I've used the FIFA franchise to run a manager/owner league for a number of years now. The set-up is simple; you buy players via auction each summer and winter to create a team. Once the team is complete, you submit a team-sheet and our league uses the FIFA game...
  11. Andrei0401

    Romanian League Create Help!

    Hello!I have a question!I make Romanian League(I replaced the Danish league) but I don't know how to change in the Competition section at 4 characters name in ROMA and I make 26 legs in CG FIle Explorer but in game I have only 23!How to create a league in CG File Explorer without error?(With...
  12. Andrei0401

    Transition Logo Of Replays

    Hello!How to change transition logo of replays?I want to change the transition logo on Denmark League!Please help me!
  13. saul.silva

    Turks and Caicos Islands National League

    This is a patch in .CMP format with the national league of the Turks and Caicos Islands, THE PROVO PREMIER LEAGUE 2018 !!! Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e17w2ia6euu1o35/turcasecaicos.zip/file The patch contains: - All 6 league teams - All home kits - All away kits - Four gk kits - 98% of...
  14. T

    Creating new league(new ID), what have I to change on dlc´s folder?

    I want to create a league that can working promotion/relegation.
  15. T

    How can I create a new league( create/ replace)

    I would like to create a league but I dont know if Im doing well
  16. T

    Problem creating new leagues on MM

    I have created new leagues on MM. When I star a career mode the game turns off. I give them new IDs (not replaced) and I have ensured to get all right.
  17. Leandro Ariagno

    Leandro Ariagno's Mods

    Hi everyone, my first post, i like to share this ESPN logo for fifa 18, hope you like it Hola a todos, mi primer post, me gustaria compartir este logo de ESPN para fifa 18, espero que les agrade ___________________________________ MY OTHER MODS - MIS OTROS MODS: UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE MOD...
  18. HezuProjects

    Second Division B of Spain - Group I (.cmp Patch)

    Hello Guys here Hezu with Another League for Fifa10, The Group One of the Second Division B of Spain (and yep. i will upload the others three group as soon as i finish them) The Patch Include: - 20 Teams: * Pontevedra CF * Coruxo FC * SD Ponferradina * CF Rayo Majadahonda * CD Guijuelo...