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    STADIUMS Olympic games 52 to 20 THREAD

    Hi guys I’m here to ask you some help with some stadiums for the Olympic games patch from 52 to 2020 here is the link: https://www.soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/olympic-games-mod-1952-from-2020-thread-fifa-16-classic-patch.6470768/ So some of these stadiums doesn’t even exist anymore so if...
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    2004 Paraguay kit

    Can someone help me to do the 2004 Paraguay kit i'm doing a olympic games mod on fifa 16 Classic Patch and I need some help. Link to the thread of the mod below. http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/olympic-games-mod-1952-from-2020-thread-fifa-16-classic-patch.6470768/
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    Olympic games Mod 1952 from 2020 THREAD - Fifa 16 classic patch

    Hi guys i'm making the rest of the olympic games patch from 52 to 2020 in the fifa 16 classic patch. i already finished the teams from 92,96 and 2000 but there are some little adjustments to make. now i'm working on 1988 and 2004 so if you guys want to give some help on team kits, players faces...
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    Tunisia 1996 kit for the olympic games

    Hi Guys i'm doing a olympic games mod from 1952 to 2020, and i'm doing on the fifa 16 classic patch. im starting with the 1996 olympics but there are some kits that are difficult to find. like the 1996 tunisian team. the single thing that i found was the picture in this website...