1. M

    Man City 11/12 Season Kits | Fifa 22

    Hello guys this is my Fifa 22 Man City 11/12 Season Kits. If you want to suggest more retro kits i should do please either tweet at me, join my discord server or just post on this threat. If you need any help downloading and using this mod i have mod a youtube toturial that you can try and use...

    Retro Kits by acicog

    INDEX: INTERNATIONAL El Salvador 2009 (H/A) England 2008 Italy 1978 | 2003-04 Russia 2009 ( H ) Serbia 2009 Ukraine 2009 AUSTRIA Sturm Graz 2000-01 ENGLAND Arsenal 2001-02 (A) FRANCE Montpellier PSC 1988-89 ITALY Brescia 1988-89 Empoli 1987-88 Lazio 1988-89 Roma 1998-99 Torino 1988-89...
  3. Arethiel

    Arethiel's Free Kits

    Hi, guys! :taz: My name's Arethiel and I'm a Twitch streamer, modder and kit maker for FIFA 20. I'm a big Chelsea fan since 2005 and plan to make kits for them that I'll be using in my save and give them to you, for free. You can also requests your own kits for free on my Discord server and...
  4. J

    Season 04-05 patch by Josepa94

    Hi everyone! When I was a child I used to play a lot of hours to FIFA 2005 so I want to make a patch to make FIFA 2005 in FIFA 18 Style. By now I just make some kits and only edit collar, maybe next I will add classic players, but now it's just kits. The patch it's just in alpha version, when I...
  5. mita996

    Mita996 Face's

    Hello! I'm mita996, basically classic modder. You can use faces for patches, just put a credit into :)
  6. yanfer

    yanfer's kits

    Hi mates, this is my kits thread and I'll post all kits I'll do, ONLY retro kits. List of kits (chronological order) • Valencia 2004/05 • Siena 2017/18 • Grêmio FBPA 2001/02 • Santos 2004/05 • Real Madrid 2008/09 • Fulham 1998/99 • Tottenham 1985/86 • Brazil 1998/99 • Barcelona Mash-up 2018 •...
  7. J

    Project SEASONS

    The idea is easy, make diferents versions of FIFA like FIFA 2000, 2001, 2002, etc. but in FIFA 16 format, so I start making Arsenal from 2000 (missing some players and Gk kit) , I hope you like and If you want to help me send me a MP Problems: It's impossible start carrer mode in 2000, so I...