1. V

    Olympic games Mod 1952 from 2020 THREAD - Fifa 16 classic patch

    Hi guys i'm making the rest of the olympic games patch from 52 to 2020 in the fifa 16 classic patch. i already finished the teams from 92,96 and 2000 but there are some little adjustments to make. now i'm working on 1988 and 2004 so if you guys want to give some help on team kits, players faces...
  2. bbL

    TABLES UNLOCKER (unlocks the teamkits table for career mode)

    MOD UPDATE STATUS: COMPATIBLE WITH TITLE UPDATE 20 (19/08/21) KNOWN BUG: .lua scripts and player transfers at the Live Editor/Cheat Table won't work. This mod bring back the teamkits table at the squad file (that was present at older FIFAs), so you can edit kit details like collar geometry...