¡El super clasico!: Boca Juniors vs. River Plate [P+R].

El Diablo Rojo

Starting XI
The 180th edition of the argentine super-classic...


The match will take place at Boca's stadium, "La Bombonera".

Name: Alberto J. Armando.
Capacity: 57,395.
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Referee: Sergio Pezzota.
Kick-off: 4:10pm.

Boca and River's current position in the table.

1- San Lorenzo 25
2- Boca Juniors 22 - With 1 pending match.
3- Estudiantes LP 18 - With 1 pending match.
4- Godoy Cruz 16 +6
5- Argentinos Juniors 16 +5 - With 1 pending match.
6- River Plate 16 +4 - With 2 pending matches.

The history so far. This does not include, friendlies, international matches, nor amateurism matches(Before 1931).

Boca's victories: 65.
River's victories: 60.
Draws: 54.

Possible line-ups.

Boca Juniors

12- Mauricio Caranta
4- Hugo Ibarra
6- Daniel Diaz
3- Claudio Morel Rodriguez
30- Clemente Rodriguez
8- Pablo Ledesma
24- Eber Banega
19- Neri Cardozo
10- Juan Román Riquelme
14- Rodrigo Palacio
9- Martín Palermo(c)


1- Aldo Bobadilla
2- Matias Silvestre
5- Sebastian Battaglia
16- Sergio Orteman
23- Jesús Dátolo
7- Guillermo Barros Schellotto
17- Mauro Boselli

River Plate

12- Juan Pablo Carrizo
4- Paulo Ferrari
20- Cristian Nasuti
2- Eduardo Tuzzio
3- Federico Dominguez
28- Augusto Fernández
5- Oscar Ahumada
25- Leonardo Ponzio
8- Fernando Belluschi(c)
15- Mauro Rosales
10- Marco Ruben


22- Bernardo Leyenda
6- Federico Lusenhoff
24- Cristian Villagra
16- Victor Zapata
26- René Lima
19- Diego Galván / 38- Matias Abelairas
39- Andrés Rios / 31- Sebastián Sciorilli

-My reign for a ticket: Boca only gave River about 2,700 tickets that were sold in few 40 minutes. The tickets were sold only via phona to avoid any troubles due the small amount of tickets given, but this isn't a new thing Boca has been doing this for some years now, and evidently for no reason because it not like Boca will bring 54,000 people for giving River less tickets, but this happens with all the teams that bring a lot of people, of course said teams do the same with Boca when they go to their stadiums. Of course resale exists and on Internet have been found people of River Plate selling their tickets for about 500 u$s, when in reality they cost 15 AR$(something around 5 u$s). And for Boca stands there has been seen tourists who paid 8,000 u$s for a single ticket(The most expensive tickets cost something around 40-45 u$s).

-Good bye "melli": Not only this could be the last classic for Schellotto at Boca but also his last match, seeing as everything is set for him to play at Columbus Crew from now on, it's known that he will earn less money there than what he gets at Boca, a man that for over 10 years won a lot of things with Boca, in my opinion the most skilled forward of Boca currently. But i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't give him any minute to play this match.:nape:

I predict this match will be another 0-0.:sleep:


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Great and hystorical match, la Bombonera is beautiful, but San Lorenzo at the top of the table? Noooooooooooo:

(8) Cuervo/ sos un tarado/ fui a tu cancha/ y me encontre con un mercado/ Estaba pintado de rojo y azul/ con un cartel grande que decía Carrefour/ Compré frutas y verduras/ y pescados me afané/ Nuestra cancha es de cemento/ la tuya es un almacén(8) :mexican: :amika: :)

I joke guys.


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San Lorenzo is just lucky, Ramon Diaz (former River Plate's Coach) is coaching and they just being lucky... that's it

Boca is really in a good streak, and river the exact opposite (they're already out of the Libertadores); history says that the worst team wins the SuperClasico =( (N)

El Diablo Rojo

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Well full time. The score was 1-1.

More likely the only benefitted team with this result is San Lorenzo, but in the other hand from these 2 teams, Boca still has chances River has less chances to reach the top.

El Diablo Rojo

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Correction River is poor, they expend 26 miilion dollars in a year to get these fantastic achievements.

Of course i am being sarcastic.:p