09 Faces by. YoYoCena


Youth Team
would update nose in the view of the sides (the wings of nose are to small on texture, but in ofile bigger than texture, if you understand what i mean.


Club Supporter
Hi guys am new here.:)all doing a great job can some one tel me how to use these faces in fifa :)please do reply..I mean what should i do so tat these come in my game instead of orginal faces..


Reserve Team
Use Filemaster09 to import (use search button to look for it)....
How did you created these amazing hair? did you create a new hair file?


Youth Team
wow what an accident :D nice update :)
but Carlos*son is totally right, you must work on colours! ingame i do not like it so much, sorry.

maybe you can look on my Reina, too and can give me hints, too.