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Hi!My best friend Silencer,I need your help~yes,ss!Thank you very much!!


Reserve Team
Nice..to see you and your kits back!..i think you resize your Nike- and Interlogo, because they are to big imo..

Cold Aags

Senior Squad
Hey Daver :) long time no see ya around here, great kit m8, you should resize the height of the logos and it'll be perfect ;)


pede54;2407312 said:
Welcome back Daver. Good to see you here again:)

Yup I second this :)
Welcome back Daver (Y)
Screenshots will be posted sometime tomorrow or saturday at the latest, I just got the full game and need to install it first ;)
But I will make them for you


Reserve Team
Thank you KaTo Pede54,dipanjan,llTurboll,10Ruud,Demoniox1000,DENHIF,7ordy,Silencer...

llTurboll and Demoniox1000,you are right!!OK,I will edit it next time!thank you!

Silencer,My brother!OK,No pro~Thank you~~!!

Inter away and gk makingggggg......

I like FIFA08 KIT!


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Oh~ Thank you Slencer!Top ss!!

Inter away kit already completed !!and update the home kit's short...

HOME KIT Black short:

AWAY KIT White sock white short:

AWAY KIT Black sock black short:



Senior Squad
That home kit is beautiful by itself, and that front template gives a realistic look on it, well done Daver, very nicely made (Y)