1999 U-17 World Championship


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I'm interested in creating this tournament that featured the first crop of young talent for the 2000s. As a USA fan, it featured arguably the best youth team my country's ever fielded with Donovan, Beasley, and others.

I've made a fair amount of progress already. I've made adboards, edited or created a few kits, modded New Zealand's North Harbour Stadium (the tournament's main venue) and created half a dozen or so teams and players. I'm experimenting with using some basic facial recognition programs to match real faces to their closest generic EA head types.

As part of a separate project, I've come up with what seems to be a workable method of creating ratings for these players that are realistic for 16- and 17-year-olds.

Here's a peak at what I've got so far...





The most challenging aspect so far is finding player information. A lot of U-17s fall off the radar pretty quick, and there's not a lot of internet info out there from 1999 youth players. It's easy to find squad names, but getting height, appearance, etc. for a lot of players is a big challenge. If anybody thinks they can contribute in that regard I'd welcome any help.


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bdfutbol ( spanish national team maybe)

Could be good ressources to find the information you need