2 players that can make you rich :P


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The one is kwabena agouda, which I bought and kept for 6 months, I signed him for free (his value is no more than 1m euro for sure) and his salary was about 150.000 euro per year. He is 20 years old when you start, ( I signed him during 2007). Well, I think that telling you that I sold him for 44m euro is enough :P. I gave nothing and took a wonderful player for 6 months who played great and took 44m euro.. (I know it's a pity i sold him so young but I am with panathinaikos, panathinaikos has 12 m balance when you start...)

Anyway, the other one is called Didier Digard, when I found him it said he is the new Vieira. He is very good as defender but I suggest that you use him as DM which is his default position. I haven't sold him yet, but I am preety sure I can get more than 10m euro from him as well. He is cheap although he seems to have a special bound with his team (Le Havre).

Check these 2 out, especially if you are not a big team and don't have a very big transfer budget.


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yea i've heard of Digard. He's alright.

Two others are Lebohang Mokoena and Benedict Vilakazi, can both be bought for under £100k and sold for millions.

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mokoena and vilakazi cant be sold more than 10 mil € both!!! they are good but not for big clubs (C)