2002-2003 Roster Update 1.0 Released!!!


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Yep finally i've finished my Roster update for the new season, you can download it at Soccer Gamming Downloads Centre..

It includes the following:

Includes the latest roster, tactics, numbers, attributes and formations for all the 32 nations that went to Korea/Japan 2002.
Updated all the Conmebol, UEFA, Concacaf and some AFC teams.
The Italian, German, English, Scottish, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Swiss, Belgian, Danish, Austrian and rest of the world teams are also updated.
Promotion and relegation in the Italian, Spanish, French, English and German done.
Created West Bromwich, Modena, Como, Empoli, Boca Juniors, River Plate and Fenerbache.
Created Egypt.
Moved all teams from the european club competitions to the rest of the world section so you can play with them(i.e. Panathinaikos, Besiktas, Boavista, Etc)
All changes made with FCDB XP, so you won't lose commentary.

here's the link:



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the link, like the hole soccergaming downloads section does not work!!! can you send the rosters to me? kurt.warnerqgmx.net


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Great work there, Stevie!! I hope that it will be useful to many patchmakers!!

See Ya, Andy!!


The rosters are great, but in the Belgian teamsquads there are a few "errors". Maybe I can help a little bit with the Belgian teams ?


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Great effort in so many ways. I went into the German Bundesliga and found that you had placed Bochum in the league...but then no Hannover or Bielefeld! Oh well...I can create those teams...
And I also think you placed too low a value on a couple players you created...Gilberto Silva and Junhino come quickly to mind even though I know Juninho is hurt right now...
But I think these things can be easily fixed. You did a great job on the leagues people play in the most and any "mistakes" you have can be easily fixed.
Too bad that with all the activity in the English Premiere League you may have to do an immediate update. It seems there's been some teams that have completely changed!
Great work. Give us word on anyupdates.


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Another thought

Steve, could you do some kind of list of which teams in your patch replace which teams from the original game? I am having trouble placing the correct kits on a few of the teams...such as River Plate and Boca Juniors...but also the Spanish, French and Italian league promoted teams as well.


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Thanks to everybody for their support::

Jan: yes i could use some help in the belgian league, if you could do/give me the latest updates on the belgian league i would appreaciate it.

Mutiger:Creating new teams is a headahce, if you could help me with those two german teams, i would appreaciate it, it takes some time to change a team like Fiorentina into Modena for example, not just transfering players but creating new players.

When i created Silva he wasn't playing in Arsenal yet, in fact it was before the WC, therefore his abbilities were not so "great", juniho is a great player, but i didnd't created him, he was already in the game, but like you said that can be fixed, it's very subjective to everyone.

I'm updating the patch everyday, as there are as lot of transfers lately i.e Nesta to Milan, Di Vaio to Juve, Ricardo to Man U. and so.

i will publish the list soon, i know what you mean....

Tahnks to everyone again.


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Replaced teams

Manchester City(0091) replaced Derby County(0010)
Birmingham City(0094) replaced Ipswich Town(0088)
WBA(0095) replaced Leicester City
Strasbourg(0068) replaced Metz(0078)
Vfl Bochum(0031) replaced FC Cologne(0160)
Modena(0043) replaced Fiorentina
Empoli(0206) Verona
Como(0347) replaced Lecce(570), Lecce(570) Replaced Ternana
Reggina(205 replaced Venezia(203)
Atletico Madrid(0460) replaced Tenerife(240)
Recreativo(472) replaced Las Palmas(571)
Racing(244) replaced Real Zaragoza(456)
Fenerbache(0305) replaced Dublin
Boca Juniors(297) replaced Belfast
River Plate(1696) Replaced Samoa
Egypt(1999), new team

* the numbers in parenthesis are the new team’s kits number, if the team doesn’t have a number next to it, it means that the team doesn’t exist anymore, it’s been replaced for a new team.