2012/13 Schedules


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About the recomendation: It depends on your personal preferences. Both CM and CS will work for this simple task (adding promoted and relegated teams). This patch should not scramble your kits or faces, but I don't know how it affects the squad files.


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Somebody have test career mode with any Saudi Arabia team after editing CALSTART_YEAR = 2013? I have crash. And I think that this replacing of year don't supported with any not europen leagues...


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And I find the solutions of problem (crash with CALSTART_YEAR = 2013 on start of Career with Saudi team): you must also add record
in settings.txt.


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Please edit the real schedule of Raiffeisen Super League (Switzerland)

Thank you very much



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darrek1988;3519651 said:
German 1. Bundesliga 2013/14 schedule


Following steps have to be made in order to make it work:
1. Add the promoted/relegated teams via database editor
2. in cmsettings search for a line CALSTART_YEAR = 2012
3. change it to CALSTART_YEAR = 2013 and save
4. in settings.txt search for the line 985,schedule_year_real,2012
5. change it to 985,schedule_year_real,2013 and save

P.S. Don't forget to copy the txt file to FIFA13/Game/dlc/dlc_FootballCompEng/dlc/FootballCompEng/data/compdata/schedules

Hi darrek. I cant' find the CALSTART-YEAR = 2012 in cmsettings! I've used the FHL-BH-Editor and i can see the dlc/dlc_footballcompeng/dlc/footballcompeng/data/cmsettings.ini but what must I make now to open and to edit the CALSTART-YEAR in 2013?

Thank you very much for your help


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dzsi1991;3402597 said:
Hello darek1988! I hope that you can help me.

I have set in the cmsettings the calendar starting date to 2003, ind dlc settings.txt i have set evereything set right, leagues for 2003, euro cup for 2004,2008,2012, world cup for 2006 etc. Evererithing works fine my carrer start from 2003 and i have simulate 6 seasons without problem. My only problem is that when i want load my saved carreer my fifa freezes.I make a "classic" patch and for me its important that the calendar start from 2003.have you any idea?

sorry for bad english i hope you understand my problem.

Hi dzsi, I want to edit the new season (2013-14) of Raiffeisen Super League (Switzerland) but I don't find the cmsettings! Where is it?

Thank you very much for your help, Roberto (Switzerland)


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A question : how do you edit "cmsettings.ini" as it's located in a BIG-file ? I tried many Tools but I didn't succeed in extracting files from a BIG-file !

Thank's in advance.

Okay, I've just found the solution with File Master 12.