2015-16 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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KoRaa;3890591 said:
Nice, we hope you will fix those problems...good luck with it, if you can post some new photos that would be great, like ingame photo ( tele camera ) :D

(patch not released yet)

some xtra info/screens:

- brazil serie a league added:
* not full league: 16 teams, only FIFA 16 teams (for now)
* working career
* brazil stadiums avaible: Arena da Baixada, Estadio Mineirao, Estadio do Maracana, Estadio Beira-Rio (, ...)

- Argentina devision(s):
primera devision (30 teams) are splitted in 2 leagues (due career limits):
1. primera devision (20 teams)
2. Primera B Nacional (10 teams)
--> working career (with promotion/relegation)

- National team kits:
Euro 2016 kits added : Spain, Germany, Italy, North Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Wales, Scotland, Russia

- lightning fix for new stadiums:
there s a fix added for missing lightning for new added stadiums
etihad stadium, brazil stadiums, ...
(can be turned on/off with selector, off after first install)

(click pictures to enlarge)

- Selector
some new features added (list coming later)
* players: full 3d-rotatable player preview of your settings
* players: added, sort players list by team

(ignore bad background layout :) )


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tokke001;3890767 said:
No new stadiums
The Brazilian stadiums are taken from the old 2014 world cup

Ok, and the stadiums, like Stamford Bridge for instance, will have the same graphics than the previous patch or those of FIFA 16 ? Thx


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Hi tokke01
Sorry for my late respond but i don't have any problem with current intro. I just want the original intro because i think it was great.

Good luck !!

PS: Guys please be patient. What he does is not easy :)


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Nobody said it's not easy but he already postponed the release date twice.. It's getting rather annoying to say the least. If you're going to release something don't post deadlines that u can't follow.


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Just an idea - I remember some of the older patches being available through torrents, maybe doing that again would save you some time you would otherwise spend uploading to mediafire or other servers.
I don't really care as it's Christmas and I'm not gonna play anyway, but it might be easier for you.


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IlFenomenoR9;3891144 said:
you were saying?
Didn't know the night ended at 10:30 PM :D
And though based on previous big patches (first versions of 2013/2014/2015) I agree that Tokke has problem with making the "deadlines" that he gives to himself, I believe it's not a big deal to just do something more meaningful than sit in front of PC and furiously beat F5, hoping that the patch would finally appear...and simply play FIFA with the new patch later.
It's will be out when it's prepared, and as much as anyone might not like it, there's nothing now that any of us could do, so I guess it's doing us no good to be mad about that.
And btw. though Tokke set a deadline to himself, he doesn't want anything for the patch, he's doing it for free, so as long as he apologizes for the delay (which he always did), I'm OK with that.