2017-18 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

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hi tokke can u add some old fifa 11 players and some more legends I will make a list
please consider it
andriy Shevncheko-Ac milan
Luis Adriano-Inter milan
Zidane-real madrid
luis figo-madrid
Robert-Peires -arsenal
joel Campbell_arsenal
Dennis bergkamp-arsenal
some thing like that I think u got my idea
plz tokk if u could not then tell me how I can add this may be I can do my slf
Thnx Tokk
plz consider it


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I have installed the beta version of 2017-2018 patch. But when I am trying to run the game it is asking for CD/DVD. The message I am getting is "
No disc inserted.

Please insert the original "FIFA 11" CD/DVD.
Please help!


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Is it enough to have Fifa11 + ea 1.01 patch to install your patch, @tokke001?

best to do a clean install

if you use these files (same as mine),
it should always work

Recommened files :
1. FIFA 11 (RELOADED version) : 2. FIFA 11 ea 1.01 patch : 3. [email protected] (for 1.01 patch) : 4. 2017-18 patch


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last night at
Bernabéu , I like this picture :)


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2017-18 patch (v1.0) for FIFA 11


- Tool: Selector
* Fix: updated forum links
* Small improvements, fixes, ...

- Squads
* based on FIFA 18 squad update: rosters from date 26.10.2017
+ player stats: date 21.12.2017
* New league: German 3.Liga (from FIFA 18)
* Brasileirão Série A + Chile League : Full Licensed
* Chinese SuperLeague 2017
* Greece SuperLeague 17/18
* Rest of World : 70+ teams
* 86 National Teams
* Classic XI: legends as Pelé, Rijkaard, Gullit, luis figo, Nedved, Maldini, ...
* career: update cups/fixtures
* 400 free-agent players (career) : Xavi, ...

- Balls
adidas Argentum
adidas J.League
adidas Krasava Ekstraklasa
adidas Krasava OMB
adidas Nativo
adidas Torfabrik Bundesliga
Nike Ordem V
Nike Ordem V LaLiga
Nike Ordem V Premier League
Nike Ordem V Serie A
Nike Ordem V STSL
SELECT Brillant Super TB ALKA Superliga
SELECT Brillant Super TB Allsvenskan
SELECT Brillant Super TB Pro League
+ Ball DFB Pokal added
+ Winter balls: adidas Torfabrik Winter, Nike Ordem V Hi Vis

- Kits
* 2017/18 kits for all teams
* Fixed FIFA 18 kits (sleeves) by diazjesux
* Ita. Serie B : Licensed kits
* 17/18 referee kits
* 3th kits: Atletico madrid, ...
* 85 classic kits from FIFA 17

- Kit numbers
* An unique number set for each kit, looking closer to the original !

- Adboards 17/18
* England - Premier League (team-adboards)
* Germany - 3.Liga (League-adboard)
* Spain - LaLiga Santander (team-adboards)
* Spain - LaLiga 123 (team-adboards)
* Italy - Serie A (team-adboards)
* France - PSG, Olym. Marseille, Lyon, Monaco (team-adboards)
* Greece - SuperLeague (team-adboards)
* Brazil - Série A (League-adboard)
* UEFA Champions League (update)
* World Cup 2018
* DFB Pokal, Tim Cup, Copa del Rey, Taca de Portugal, Copa de Brazil (New), Carabao Cup, Coupe de La Ligue, Copa del Rey, OFB Cup, Croky Cup, WH Scottish Cup, Schweizer Cup, Ziraat Turkiye Kupasi, KNVB Beker, Puchar Polski

- 40.000+ Mini-faces
* with 20.000 updated (FIFA 18 pc + mods)

- Banners
* Germany - 2.Bundesliga & 3.Liga
* Italy - Serie A & Serie B

- Flags
* Update for all teams

- Faces
* Messi (Haircolor update)
* L. Suarez (Small update)
* Busquets (face update)
* Neymar (face update)

- 730+ Shoes
* 681 shoes from 2016-17 patch
+ 106 New shoes :
(See included list)

- Licensed logos & names

* Brasileirão Série A : Full licensed league
* Chile League : Licensed players
+ ALL others

- New Intro screens
+ new Intro-movie: "FIFA 18 - Default"

- Performance & Improvements
* Kitnumbers - An unique number set for each kit, looking closer to the original !
* Squads, Formations - Improved defence stability : defensive "Back arrows" added for players who "stay back while attacking"
* Squads, player-Traits - Improved player behaviours & AI : New "Chip shot", "team player", "GK 1-on-1 rush", dribbling-traits, long-throws
* Squads, player-Traits - Fix: trait "Corner Specialist" assigned to wrong players

- Tournament graphics (Selector)
* New added: DFB Pokal, Tim Cup, Copa de Brazil, Taca de Portugal, Coupe de La Ligue, OFB Cup, Croky Cup, Schweizer Cup, Ziraat Turkiye Kupasi, KNVB Beker, Puchar Polski

1. install fifa 11
2. install ea patch (1.01)

3. install 2017-18 patch (v1.0)

4. apply new Squads
* Open Selector > Select database > "1. Default squads (Updated)" > ONLINE version / OFFLINE version > Apply Database
* "Done"

- Selector dont start up (if u have .net 2.0) : copy included "Selector (.NET 2.0 version)" folder content to FIFA 11 folder
- Career : if you already started an career (with an earlier release), use function "backup current database" (selector) before installing this patch !

thanks too: Mehmet Nazirov (ball maker), liv_tyler, sumanrbr, matic7, fc petrolul, obama, tennyutza, The Wizard, Axej, IRPT, Erevos, dissectionalone, EmilianoVidela, luca77, vigil (fifamania.it), cosicasteph (fifafrance), ManUtdFan20, Fidel Gameplay, GG90, ariseq, shR, KL007, Dramacydal, Darkhan, FCFan95, Anamorph, Philastro67, Uomomagnetico, Ivansoto18, Christophe83460, xuskan, edyson, Behnamk, Patrichios, SIA Bouncer, nabo78, crosbrilliant, seldom, ElCrusado, santiagoalvarez, Ellhnas, box-to-box, diazjesux, luiz_fer, support from the forum, ...

Torrent : http://www.mediafire.com/file/3kpbs1s1tx8p9hs/2017-18 patch (v1.0) for F11.torrent
mega : https://mega.nz/#!dgcSzIJb!Pb2OXmIe1dPuaPXp6T6clRi00JtjviIopct18MoS7lY

Enjoy ! :smilex:
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why use it on bad drive cloud I have downloaded a few mb and already the limit

there arent much sites for this size,
but a torrent will come tomorow

2017-18 patch v1.0 is last version or more versions will be added?

There will probably come more iin the future,
like new shoes, winter transfers, updated player stats, ...
these wont be big sized (50 mb or so)

but no plans yet,
gonna take break first so i can play the game ^^


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So can you paste new links?

When I try to switch online version database I have this problem:
Bez tytułu.png

How to solve it?


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Hello again...

Thanks, tokke001 for all the work you have had done till now and will be. I am "Smiling" while thanking you, you make me speechless. Hero for us( FIFA 11) community. God bless you and your team.

Thank you so much... for putting efforts for community (enjoying FIFA 11 on low specs PCs)