2018-19 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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You guys have had problems with crashes in the past ?
Did u ever had to run the regenerator before...

Try :
- delete old savegames
- make sure 2 installers are installed (not 1)
- do clean installation of fifa 11 (empty install folder manually)

Still problems:
Run regenerator...
--> if this fixes it, it probably means your fifa 11 (base) game is slightly different: different commentaries
Best to get the right "reloaded" version to prevent errors in the future ...
and what about and i68 problem of "read only" archives before the process start?
i have played the 16-17 season on the same pc. do i have to format?


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Nice work here! Really awesome.

After follow your steps. I'm gettin' error.
1. Install FIFA 11
2. Install ea Patch
3. Install Patch 1.0
4. Install Patch 1.2
5. Install Patch 1.3
6. Run Selector > Database > Online Squads > Apply.

Then when I try to run the game freeze with a black screen and cursor freeze on loading.

There's any solution to this?

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