2019-20 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

fc petrolul

flagg CFR Cluj (Liga 1 Romania


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Senior Squad
2019-20 patch (v1.1) for FIFA 11

New version including fixes, Kits, ...
Applying the new database (after installation) is needed ,
enjoy !

- Tool: Selector
* Fix: Errors with overwriting read-only files (database theme files)
* Fix: Error when "1" theme folder missing
* Update credits
* Small improvements, fixes, ...

- Kits
* Fix: Wrong italy referee kits
* Added: Barca 4th "Seynara" Kit, Juventus 3th & 4th, Ita. Serie B 3th/4th kits
* Added 3th/4th kits: Frankfurt, LASK, RB Salzburg, Wolfsberger AC, Gent, AEK Athens, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, PAOK

- Kit numbers
* Fixed colors: Juventus, Ita. serie B

- Balls
* Fix: Wrong ball assignments (Brazil, Romania, Allsvenskan, Ekstraklasa)

- Banners
* CFR Cluj

- Adboards
* Update: Romania Liga (league adboard)
* Added missing (Italy): Lecce, Cosenza, Pordenone

- Logos
* Fix (Licensed logo): Pisa

1. install fifa 11
2. install ea patch (1.01)

3. install 2019-20 patch (v1.0)
* run installer "2019-20 patch (v1.0) for FIFA 11 (part 1 of 2).exe"
* run installer "2019-20 patch (v1.0) for FIFA 11 (part 2 of 2).exe"

4. install 2019-20 patch (v1.1)
* run installer "2019-20 patch (v1.1) for FIFA 11.exe"

5. apply Database
* Open Selector > Select database :
* Choose "1. Default squads (Updated)"
* ONLINE version / OFFLINE version
* Apply Database

- Selector dont start up (if u have .net 2.0) : copy included "Selector (.NET 2.0 version)" folder content to FIFA 11 folder
- Career : if you already started an career (with an earlier release), use function "backup current database" (selector) before installing this patch !

thanks too: Mehmet Nazirov (ball maker), liv_tyler, sumanrbr, matic7, fc petrolul, obama, tennyutza, The Wizard, Axej, IRPT, Erevos, dissectionalone, EmilianoVidela, luca77, vigil (fifamania.it), cosicasteph (fifafrance), ManUtdFan20, Fidel Gameplay, GG90, ariseq, shR, KL007, Dramacydal, Darkhan, FCFan95, Anamorph, Philastro67, Uomomagnetico, Ivansoto18, Christophe83460, xuskan, edyson, Behnamk, Patrichios, SIA Bouncer, nabo78, crosbrilliant, seldom, ElCrusado, santiagoalvarez, Ellhnas, box-to-box, diazjesux, luiz_fer, robmar85, scouser09, V.K, eddyedwards1075, Nikhit, pao4ever, pillowbiter, john_shadow8, mrBear1991, elnino13, _nice, support from the forum, ...


fc petrolul

The Italian referee all use in reality* (including the B series) the new Legea equipment (which we see in patch v.1.1 only Serie A).
Those who want to appear in manager mode (Series B new equipment Legea(no Diadora-old ... delete from the folder data ... sceneassets ... kit ... kit_6005_5_32.rx3 .... 6006 .... 6007. .6008 ... 6009 ... using the kit_6005_5_31.rx3 in the game ... but change 31 with 32

fc petrolul

1)instaleaza net framework(4.0 version)
2)instaleaza FIFA 11 (versiunea Reloaded)
3)instaleaza patch EA Sport for FIFA11
4)adauga crack-ul unde ai instalat jocul
5)instaleaza patch v.1(prima parte...apoi a 2 parte-aici asteapta sa se termine fereastra neagra cu scris alb
6) instaleaza v.1.1(asteapta sa se termine fereastra neagra cu scris alb
7) in selector selecteaza offline
...joaca Liga 1 !


Club Supporter
I have an error. When I want to go to transfer a player in career mode the game exit. I have this problem with league one and league two teams.


Club Supporter
U need to apply the new database after installation of v1.1,
Could be u also need create a new savegame profile

hello when will the tokkee001 hd graphic patch come?
There is a lot of freezing in the game

No problem in 2018-2019 patch


Senior Squad
ADD-ON: High Quality Graphics - February '20 AIO

This Add-on will add higher quality graphics for FIFA 11
February 2020 AIO version: All previous updates + New 2019-20 HQ update included


- HQ Shoes
* 2 and 4 times Higher texture quality (512x512 or 1024x1024)

- HQ Hair
* generic/specific Players hair, Higher texture quality (512x512)

- Pitch improvements
* grass blades (FIFA 18)
* Pitch colors (FIFA 18 or FIFA online 3)
* pitch mow pattern (FIFA 18)
* pitch wear pattern (FIFA 18) + Higher texture quality (512x1024)

New at February '20

- HQ Shoes
* 52 New shoes (HQ from 19-20 patch v1.0)

- LOD Fix
* improvement for HQ view over long distance

- New Tool: Graphic optimizer

-> Selector : After installation, you can switch easily between "Normal Quality" or "High Quality" when preffered !
-> Selector : After installation, you can change the pitch color: FIFA online 3 (default) or FIFA 18 !
-> Graphic optimizer : Change the graphic settings (for advanced users) !

1. install 2019-20 patch (or 2018-19 patch)

2. install ADD-ON: High Quality Graphics (Feb '20 AIO)

3. Open Selector > Tab 'Performances' > Graphics Quality "High Quality" > Apply
4. Done !

- 2018-19 patch or 2019-20 patch needed (or later versions)
- All-IN-ONE version: Old HQ Graphics (May '19 update, August '19 update) included in this release
- No regenerate needed


--> More Add-ons:

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fc petrolul

meybe add in new patch :

1) Rest World Europe (League) position 1-8 play in UCL(5..... and EL(3

- please change.....add 1 in UCL for Liga 1 Romania (position 2 in clasification - play-off + 1 in EL for romanian team (position 3 in clasification

..in rest europe remain 4 in UCL + 2 in EL

after...Romanian Liga 1 similar (Poland Ekstraklasa in European Cup
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