2020-21 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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New shoes - FIFA 21

at coming 2020-21 patch i ll include the shoes from FIFA 21 :
i was able to convert the shoe-models from FIFA 21 (switch) to 11, and fit them on the fifa 11 sock models !

for 2020-patch :
* models + textures from FIFA 21 converted
* only boots from FIFA 21, not the 1000+ shoes from older patches : can be downloaded seperatly if wanted ...



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i ll upload here a testing version of the new 2020-21 squads later coming week,
for who wants play already and as test for the new generic faces (who will be needed to avoid missing faces)
* no working career
* recommended for offline (because of missing faces for oponnent)

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Hey man, thanks for this awesome work!

There is a way for delete the photos of players (gotze, psg neymar/cavani, etc) to make more clean the pause menu during match game? Because we choose to add a third player (lan game) for neutral host in some cases and to see, and streaming, the menu are blocking the visual for the host.

if you have a hint or guindance for do that task we are happy to hear you. Thanks again for keep updated your awesome patch and we are grateful with you for life!

yay! i found the files here: 2011 FIFA\Game\data\ui\artAssets\backgrounds\playerrenders\

you have an empty .big to replace this? And the animated lines of color they are irreplaceable right? the opacity too?
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Hi, @tokke001. I don't know is this question about the patch, but i don't know where to ask this as well xd. Is it possible to make a pause menu in FIFA 11 tottaly transparent to have an opportunity just watch how another gamers are playing the game?


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2020-21 - Squads + shoes

i ll release a first beta of the 2020-21 squads for FIFA 11 !

Info :
* Squads converted from FIFA 21 date 11-12-2020
* New generic facetypes support :
adjustments to the database has been made to support more hairtypes, colors, beard types !
* New updated shoes + updated assignments
* New player trait : "outside foot shot" --> let me know if you notice a difference ...

Known errors :
* No career (tournaments should work)
* New teams: Crash at menu (no kit settings)
* Missing team-names
* program Creation Master 11 : bugs at playerface (because of new beard/hair types)

Download Squads + shoes :

I ll release more things (kits) in coming days maybe !
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Beta 1 - Install guide​

here s a guide to install all released beta files :

a bit confusing guide maybe,
but AIO or a better beta will come in the future ! :smilex:

1. install 2019-20 patch
-> install to latest

2. Squads + shoes 2020-21
-> extract
-> apply database "2020-21 squads beta" with selector !

3. Faces
3.1 FIFA 21 to 11 (generic heads) :
"faces & hair" files needs be in "generic" sub-folder !!

3.2 FIFA 18 to 11 (StarHeads) : not released yet
3.3 FIFA 19 to 11 (StarHeads) : not released yet
3.4 FIFA 20 to 11 (StarHeads) : Link
3.5 FIFA 20 pc to 11 (StarHeads) [minipack] : Link
3.6 FIFA 21 to 11 (StarHeads) : Link
3.7 FIFA 21 pc to 11 (StarHeads) [minipack] : Link

4. Logos: teams 2020-21
extract .big : Link

5. Minifaces FIFA 21 (17.683) :

Kits havent been realesed yet,
havent found time yet to fix the kit settings
also balls needs be sorted out : if someone wants helps with these balls ... let me know :)
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