2022 World Cup Adboards (DIY)


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Great work @PaoloDNY! The most extensive adboard recreation I've seen.

Have you noticed if any of these are country-based?
I was of the opinion that YouTube Shorts for examble only appeared for US/Japan games? and Inter Rapidisimo for Ecuador/Argentina/Mexico/Costa Rica?
Yup, that's why it's hard to keep track with all of them... but you are right...


Youth Team

Hisense 01.png

Hisense 04.png

Hisense 03.png

Hisense 02.png

Hisense 05.png

Hisense 06.png

Hisense 07.png

Hisense 08.png

Hisense 09.png

Hisense 10.png
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Just returned from Qatar :D

Here are some needed updates my friend @PaoloDNY :
Here it should be 专业影旗舰 (specialized camera flagship).

Here it should be 中国 (China) (simplified, used in PRC) instead of 中國 (traditional (Taiwan, HK, etc) and 电视 (TV) instead of 電視.

New one:
中国制造 一起努力 (made in China, strive together)

Here is should be 空调 (AC) instead of 空谢
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welcome back! how was your experience? do you have photos with the stadium atmosphere?
Thanks! It's awesome man, not as big and genuine like Russia 2018, without beer and very expensive, but still World Cups are great because we the people make them great, not governments or politicians.

Apparently Saudi fans are really passionate for their team and Saudi girls are cool too, wearing jeans and shorts; Senegalese fans are mad cool with their non-stop drums and dancing; Morocco and Tunisia would probably get this much support nowhere in the world - everyone cheers for them and not their big name opponents like France or Belgium.

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