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2023 FIFA Womens' World Cup Australia & New Zealand for FIFA16


Things that are still needed for the release.

1. FACES Who will be able to convert all of them? @NonoFIFA10 has made a start, but I hope that @Dmitri and/or @tokke001 can do a batch conversion of all the remaining faces from FIFA23 last Title updates! There are also 3 Brazilian Female faces that need converting from FIFA18.

2. STADIUMS The last 2 stadiums that I need are:
Sydney Football Stadium - It doesn't exist in any digital format because it is a very new stadium, so we might have to go without it for the patch
Waikato Stadium - I did indeed upload this stadium with the model from Rugby Challenge. @humbertoaze , @saul.silva @gonzaga Could one of you possibly convert it, maybe using the dressings from humberto's stadium pack?
I don't know if this has been resolved https://www.mediafire.com/file/z4jeer4r8ioorqd/Sydney_Cricket_Ground.rar/file it's a pes stadium...not mine


Club Supporter
I remember master Rinaldo (i think it was him) had come out with an excellent audio editing tool for FIFA 10. It was so practical and easy to use. I wish we would have something like that for newer versions of the game (especially 14 and 16)