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Hi guys,

Another idea from me. To maybe reduce the overall filesize from 9.8 GB compressed to something more manageable, I wonder if there are lists of faces that were added in FIFA22 (+updates). I think there might be some on the EA Forums. If we can find all the IDs, it's possible to upload another pack with just the FIFA22 faces.

@Lagwagon93 @Dmitri what do you both think about this idea?

EDIT: Found it here for the base game:



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Yes, it would be great if someone distributed the faces that appeared only in fifa 22, because the pack is too big and many already have faces from fifa 21.


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Yes, it would be great if someone distributed the faces that appeared only in fifa 22, because the pack is too big and many already have faces from fifa 21.
But not all with HQ textures, believe me, the results are outstanding! I'm looking for solutions. Dmitri's work shouldn't be disregarded.

I opened a new account in Mediafire. The things I have to do for you :rockman:

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it is well worth downloading the full package. The quality of faces is superior. The HQ texture makes a difference. It made the game much better.

The effort of downloading the facepack is nothing compared to the incredible work done on these conversions by Dmitri


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Daaaaaaaaamn, that's too sad that you forgot about Seiwald(((( Anyway, waiting for next packs and maybe Mantl and Kjaergaard, if you decide to create them)


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Hats off to @Dmitri , We now have 2'970 starheads thanks to him

These packs include all FIFA 22 faces for FIFA 16.

For installation instructions, check the read-me file.

Please note!
If you find mistakes, please report in this thread. Thank you.

Difference between PC and Switch packs
Faces from PC version are in better quality, but also with larger size. Faces from Switch version are in similar quality to original FIFA 14. Some faces in Switch version are outdated.

Authors of these faces are EA Sports.


final 3.jpg



FIFA 22 PC TO 16 STARHEADS PACK v1.0 - 2'970 starheads





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First mistake spotted - 212607 Maxime Chanot (New York City FC)
This one has a bug with the eyes texture from previous conversions. If you remove the eyes .rx3 file. it will work. Ishak Belfodil new face is also bugged (neck is pushed out of chest)

EDIT: Does the facepack include Emre Can face from November FIFA22 Update?
My Ishak Belfodil face is OK, but Ibrahimovic's hair have a bug.
No it doesnt, it is the simhair corresponding to the new hair folder, this will be the case with him, cavani, marcelo, pirlo, ronaldinho or anyone who has moveable hair. You can either create a new ibrahimovic with different player ID and transfer his face, hair, hairlod & head through his new ID that you created. Or You can copy & rename another simhair in the folder with his ID, regenerate BH, then delete that simhair then should be fine


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what is the error? its not show me faces, not at all of them, probably half of them


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