2GK Textures - Info + Realase date


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Hi guys.
As you might now I've been working on several textures, for you to use with your 2GK kits, in the latest weeks. And I've seen that lot of ppl is asking where and when they'll be ables to get my textures.
We (Ariel and I) are uploading these Textures as I speak. So they might be avaible to download later today at SOCCERACCESS.

I'll keep this thread uploaded every time we need to warn you about future realases of new textures packs, so please do not create new Threads just to ask "Where can I get 2GK Textures?"

I'd also like to thank Hercules because of his help. Without him this thread wouldn't be sticky, and that's import for the people, because otherwise it'd get lost easily around this BIG forums ;)


See ya!


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Posted by Fede:


Originally posted by Ariel at SOCCERACCESS
Fede has released his awaited 2GK textures. He has released them in three packs.

2GK Textures Pack - LIGHT Version
This is the first 2GK Textures Pack made by me, featuring some very nice and real textures. This is the Light version that will contain only 2 templates, and it's recommended for slow connections users. The textures in this pack are the original EA's and ones created by me.

2GK Textures Pack - MEDIUM Version
The Medium version of the Textures pack are heavier than the Ligh pack (of course), but contains more textures as well. The same or better quality but featuring much more templates for you to use and create your own 2GK.

2GK Textures Pack - HEAVY Version
This is certainly the latest part. Heavier than the other 2 but is the one with most textures.

Anyway, in order to have ALL the 2GK Textures, Fede has done so far, you should download ALL the packs (Light, Medium and High), because each pack containt a different number of textures but the textures are different between them, as well.

See ya!


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i have one question:does 2GK slow down the game speed if the PC is not powerfull?would a Geforce 2 mx in a Celeron stand it?

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