3 goalkeepers in reserve! how to get rid of them?


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I am having a problem with roster of Brazil there is 3 goalkeepers in reserve 12 and I cannot substitute a goalkeeper for a regula player. So i have no room to make realistic roster, can anyone tell me how to move the keepers out of sub 12


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- DEL all folders in My Documents\2006 FIFA World Cup™
- Edit fifa.db (2006 FIFA World Cup (TM)\data\cmn) with DbMaster for:
* Update the rosters on the table_teamplayerlinks table. You need to know which formation that you are using and then edit the "position" field on the table_teamplayerlinks.
* The formations are stored in the table_formations table and this will show you which postions are in the starting line-ups for that particular formation.
* You will need 5 subs (pos 32) the reserves are pos 33.
* You can get the detail of each position by using unidb and converting your language db (eng.db for example) in the "fe" folder.