360 rant


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Hello all just would like to put my 2 pennys worth in over new 08 demo on live and the whole pro series. First off i think the demo of the new pro is not that bad the slow down in the last one has gone and the dribbleing has muched improved.i can see the point in that some people say it's to fast maybe it is a little.Also the free kicks again feel a bit crap again i dont think they have got it right since pro 3 (i know im gonna be shot down for that) also the dreded run out of play thing that has haunted me and my mates for years still to a degree is there.But my big gripe still has to be the master league i hate it it's just the same every year i want prem league with f.a cup then into europe not some third rate made up master league it is just not relistic any more.And i suppose the last thing has to be real kits this year i no doubt is gonna be the same with fake names and the like why o why can we not have real kits in this new millenium. END OF RANT STILL GONNA BUY NEW PRO I CAN NOT GET ON WITH FIFA I JUST HOPE THEY SORT IT OUT NEXT YEAR OR A NEW KID COME'S ON THE BLOCK