5.0.3 Patch details (to be released 2nd march)


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With this data-update, are all the transfers already made (Morientes at Liverpool already in august e.g.) or with future transfers (Deal is already made, but Morientes goes to Liverpool in january)

If its the 1st i wont take the data update, if it's the 2nd then yay


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There's an (unofficial) update that does have the second situation though...it's somewhere in the sticky.


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If Argentinian DB will be the same, or worse, sh¡t that SI release on FM2005 due to a stupid, useless and arrogant researcher, I'll consider the update a joke, I don't know why an important country as Argentina (talking about football, of course, then we're .... Argentinians (H) ) has such a bad researcher, who only knows about River, Boca, hates Interior (oh, why all teams of Third Division Interior Zone has NO players :rolleyes: ) and is a HANDBALL journalist :kader:

I worked many time correcting my DB to have a respectable argentinian DB, and I don't want to lose it (a pity I didn't found a place to host it :( )


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Some SI administrator said that the patch will be out 17:30 GMT 18:30 GMT +1...

Only 2 hours of waiting remains...


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both saved game compatible, but obviously you wont get the data update in your current game :p e.g. if you're man city, anelka wont suddenly disappear from your team



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No, both are with language packs :)

The one with data is the one that includes the SI Data Update (through 31st of January).
I just edited my post to clarify it a bit.