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Youth Team
Long time no see. mates. nobody remember me.:mrpimp:
my first FIFA08 Kits. Korea 0810 new kits and fonts.

- Kits and Fonts: use CM08 editor
of course it is possible using Kit raptor when you install the only kits.
After installing, please operate fatbuilder.

- You have to install the m200__.o file in m200 folder to zdata_05.big.
because Original m200 file has error. so it is better that install the attached file.

- And change the collar number using Cm08 editor.
Home, Away: 5 , Goalie: 7



Youth Team
Nice kits, but try using a different texture.

The way you have it looks like they slept all nigth with their kits on and didn't iron them in the morning. Don't like the texture at all.


Starting XI
Very good but i have to agree with these people the texture dont look so good as it looks like they have been resting on them in one position !!! But outstanding kits!