A Couple Quick Questions..


El Merengue Argentino
Hi I've been playing on my PC for a couple weeks, and I love the game but I have two questions that I'd love if someone ciuld help me out with.

1) Is there a way to change the difficulty on the Global Challenges because I am pretty sure it is on World-Class and it is killing me??

2) What is the best thing to do in order to fix the problemof dark pitches? I have read a bunch of different things, but I am not quite sure what is the best and what will not affect the rest of my game.

Thank you very much :)


Reserve Team

1. No, you can not change the difficulty, because the whole point of the global challenge is the challenge it self against harder and harder COM. Sorry! :)

2. I have no idea seriously, I have never got this problem at all, I use Nvidia XFX G FORCE 7800 GTX (SLI) PCI - E 256 MB DDR3, And no problems at all with it. I bet that you are using an ATI card.



Senior Squad
I had played 2 matches in Global Challenge, and my Profile configuration has the "Professional" Mode. And I won the both matches (Peru-Chile and Argentina-Brazil). I just didn't experienced a World Class difficulty at all. BTW, i'm playing on PS2.

Yes man, if you're playing FWC 2006 in PC, you can change your turfs. There are various turf patches that change the pitch appearance, a quick search in pages like Fifa4Fans you can find some good turf patches.

Also, in PC the turfs look like crap; but in PS2 (and I guess in the rest of consoles) they look just fine.