a stupid problem in fifa 2004


Senior Squad
whenever a match ends as a draw u have a choice to either select golden goal or penalties rite?

well i chose penalties and after the 1st penalty kick, the match ended!!?! i tried another match again and it still ends the match wif the 1st penalty kick.

what in the world is wrong? anyone knows?


Youth Team
are you talking about online, or friendly match, or lan?

need a little more information to be able to help


Club Supporter
Thats a "known bug". Some people have it. Well, if you want you can just try to reinstall the game and then install the "3,5 MB" patch... Could work...


Club Supporter
Its a cracked official patch 1.1 that is only 3,5 MB.
It works exackly like the official one and it has a NO-CD patch, as well.
You can dowmload it here >>>