AC Milan Thread [2008/09]


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Yep, I think everyone's happy that we keept him right where he belongs. He's a Rossonero through and through. Ambrosini's also in his best form ever from the beginning of last season, i cannot imagine Milan without the two. I know Ambro will wear the armband but i think Rino should be the one, i can't think of a player with more leadership qualities than Gattuso.


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He definately has the heart, and he leaves everything out on the pitch for the club


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Rino himself has a few times said he doesn't want the armband.

Something about him not wanting Milan to have an image of a player like him. Rough, tough and with a beard :D


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Hopefully he'll retire here. He's doing great here. Six goals already!

We drew a game we should have won, we also had a penalty that wasn't called.

Pato was brilliant when he came in, in his first attack he assisted for Ronnie's goal, Sheva is coming back, the Sheva against Braga was the old Sheva i love they should both be picked ahead of Borriello and Inzaghi. Unfortunately we have a problem in which we have two brilliant playmakers, so it's hard to play with a second striker and no center forward, we're a bit star studded, thank god Ancelotti know how to rotate the team well. Unfortunately this rotation still doesn't help to gel our team together, if one of the combinations for the trident was used for most of the games we played, we'd be more prolific.

In other words when Kaka' and Dinho play we need Borriello or Inzaghi up there, while better players like Pato or Sheva need to sit. Removing Dinho or Kaka' from our formation is impossible and Pato(or an in-form Sheva) should be the one playing in the trident instead of Borriello when quality is concerned but then we're no threat as we don't have a player in the box to keep the defence on their toes, and then Kaka', Dinho and Pato can be marked out of the game. Especially because they can't be mobile for the whole game and do what they do.

My resolution would be to play with four attackers and removing Seedorf from the starting 11 until Pirlo comes back.
Something like this:



But in order for this to function without being suicidal we would need a fully fit Nesta back.

P.s. Our full-backs are great this season, Jankulovski and Zambrotta are world class!


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Boriello was frustrating to watch yesterday, should've put the game away with all his chances and we ended up paying for it


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Rony, dude you cannot expect Kaka' to play every game at his best, he's tired, he came back from this weeks friendly where he was the best player on the pitch, and he came back on Friday, you seem to have forgot that he came back from an injury at the beginning of the season and played almost every Milan and Brazil game, along with kup Uefa. He was rested only two times by Ancelotti and even then he came on in the second half. And of all these game he still has a very little amount of them where he did poorly by his standards.

Pirlo was missing and now things will go better. Not much is lost by this draw as were only 3 points behind Inter.
I'm always glad to see any of the Ka-Pa-Ro three score, and i'm glad they're doing good. I just hoped Sheva would squeeze one in in the end, that man deserves better respect in football, and he isn't actually lucky in these last few years, he made a brilliant trademark Sheva attempt and i was dying to see that go in, but the keeper saved it. Pirlo just continued where he stopped.
Hopefully we'll see Nesta back soon too!

Anyway, Forza Ka-Pa-Ro-She and Forza Milan.


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So, what's the deal with Nesta? I know he was supposed to come back from injury but apparantly he's gone back for treatment? Do any of you Milan fans know what's happening now?

I'm asking cuz Nesta is one of my favorite players, and it would be a shame for him to retire now...hopefully he'll get better cuz he's a legend! (Y)


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He's in the US, to see if he'll need an operation because his problem isn't going away. And the problem with the surgery is that he may not be able to play football after it, so they're finding a solution.

It really is a shame, and i fully agree with you on Nesta (respect (Y)), i mean i know Maldini is a club legend, and is a brilliant defender but a lot of the credit he got was also due to his attacking abilities and technique, leadership, mentality. But Nesta is the best defender of all times for me, certainly the best tackler ever (for me of course :) ). A big big shame what's happening to him :( , get better soon Nesta!


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Glad to see Ronnie as our top scorer right now, and no-one deserves it more than him this year, 8 goals :), hopefully he'll multiply that by two or three until the end of the season. Forza Dinho! I think Galliani (i won't mention the other cVnt deliberately) would gladly like to pay Barca the 10+ bonus of €2 mil to see Dinho go into double figures.
One thing that makes me sadder with every game is to see Sheva walk out of the pitch again and again without a goal to his name. He deserves more.


sure because ronaldinho its the best free kicker, he and juninho they can score 10 goals in a season with free kicks


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His free kicks are just a bonus, Milan has more than enough talent to cope well with any team in the world, this year the Scudetto, next - the CL and Scudetto! Forza Milan!

EDIT: What the **** am I talking about. Hahahah


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Isn't that talk old just like our team? So what if we're old, when a player is unable to perform he will be replaced, and club legends deserve a bit more respect, the two old players in our team that should be sold and not allowed to retire here are Emerson and Favalli, while Seedorf also might go at the end of the season if Gourcuff gets back, also Kalac will be on his way out, Maldini is retiring, and the rest (players like Gattuso, Ambrosini, Nesta, Pirlo, Pippo) deserve to be here as long as they like.
And one thing that is overlooked is that we have a lot bigger roster than most teams, Barca have from 18-23 players tops every season, and we have 28-30 players, and exactly those ten more are these old-timers who's experience when they're needed means more than letting some kid play.