AC Milan Thread [2010/2011]

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^ difficult to say yet, with all the changes happening ...


Zlatan #11, Robinho #70 ... #2, 4 still open ...


bad news, but not unexpected news, about Klaasy:

shame ... I thought he would have gotten chances in rotation, coz Super Pippo can't be relied on as the sole change option at CF ... but he unfortunately felt otherwise (says so on his website) ...


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Ibra fro 24m

Robinho for 15m


That is great transfers, for the price you got them at those are steals. Even if one of them doesn't do great, you got them for 1/5 of their original prices.

Barca and Citeh were pwned by Gilliani

Gilliani > Rosell + Mubarak + Pep + Mancini


That happens when City and Barça are more interested in sell than Milan in buy. VdV is going to Spurs for 10m€.


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Well this summer turned out to be crazy for Milan! Hopefully Allegri will know how to place Robinho into the lineup without disrupting Pato or Dinho. Up until now i've completely agreed with both Berlusconi and Allegri about how Pato should play much closer to the goal than before, and how Dinho whilst playing on the left should still cut in the center more. IMO Robinho should be a sub.

.----------- PATO

Is IMO the best possible formation.

And then you have brilliant rotation possibilities with Robinho and Pippo.
Pato has gained almost 10 Kg of muscles this summer so he can easilly fill the CF role if Ibra is out of the team, and Robinho can play for either Pato or Dinho. + All the four of them with be highly motivated. But I wouldn't play all four at the same time, never. IMO Pirlo would suffer too much!


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Robinho should be a good fit, but I doubt he would have been signed to warm the bench, Deni. Here's my formation:


Pretty crazy how we were the most lethargic club in the transfer market and then decided to just go crazy in the final 2 available days...


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Ambrosini is the named captain, so we'll have to assume he'll be the first name on the teamsheet ...

against teams like Lecce, and possibly Cesena, 1 DM can suffice ... that means the 4 cracks, if one understands the vernacular, can be played together ... but the Seedorf factor also needs to be considered when allocating that remaining spot (when a DM is dropped) ...

otherwise Pirlo will need 2 players (1 on either side) to protect him, coz he's a deeplying playmaker (a regista), not a DM ... that will mean only 3 up front ... or 2 with Seedorf in behind (i.e. a diamond midfield) ...


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IMHO if all the four play together Pato and Pirlo will suffer the most. I think unfortunately that Robinho is here to gradually replace Ronaldinho and for us to get the most out of Dinho, certainly Robinho waiting to come in for him will keep him motivated to do as he did against Lecce. Also Pato tends to get injured 'cause he's still young and in development, and that's when our attack in last couple of seasons weakened. It's better to have great cover for a team and have an organized team than cramp everyone in and then not have a decent player as a sub.

Anyhow Allegri also said that he will try and find a way to play them all together but ONLY in specific occasions, for me that's 3 or 4 games throughout the season. Allegri is not an idiot.

The first thing he wanted was another midfielder (Boateng) that can run in order to keep Pirlo less fatigued. Pirlo is a lot to Milan. I doubt he would make Pirlo chase the ball from opposition like Leonardo did last year, especially after he said that was one of the problems last year. I also doubt he would play Pato as a winger (which he would have to if he'd play all 4) after Leonardo was actually fired because Pato played too far away from the goal. For me there's just too much against it.

Believe in my formation :borat:


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I imagine the three Brazilians will rotate around Zlatan who will start as many games as possible. No need to name a preferred XI, just base it on fitness, form, and matchups. All three are very different players.


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How is that physically possible?

Makes more sense that they mucked up his measurements when they took him, or that's it's bull****.


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ShiftyPowers;2930151 said:
I just saw on twitter than Pato grew 9cm over the summer? Is this verified?

^ apparently that's a guarantee every time ... Sthefany has verified ...



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more seriously:

his height is listed as 179cm ... if he grew 9cm, he'd be 188, which puts him close to Zlatan -- and we'll very easily be able to tell if that's true, soon enough ...

this pic from Milan's website shows Pato standing next to Ronnie from today's training session:

they're both slanting a little, but it still does look like Pato may be slightly taller ... and with Ronnie listed as 182cm, it means The Duck could indeed have put on some height; just not 9 cm's worth ...
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