AC Milan Thread [2012/13]


The Von Trapps
hah ...


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So you're now officially a PSG fan?
officially? dafuq?

it seems like the concept of following one's favourite player and manager is still alien to the common fan ...
The common fan that supports a team in a team game. Yes, that is alien.
teams made of individuals, no doubt? often built around, or by, an exceptional individual?
Most people have a personal connection to their club that would make supporting another club ridiculous.
fair enough ... most players (and especially managers) don't adhere to such an ideology, so I don't see the need to either ...
Because they have a financial interest and need to earn a full life's wages in sometimes as little as 5 years. If you were actually a player or manager I wouldn't think it was strange if you jumped clubs to help your career.
hah, they're earning money, I'm spending time ... I'm not going to waste it ...

that said, you of all people on SG know my love for Ajax and Barça ... like you-know-who, those will always be "my clubs" ...

but sometimes you have to move on ... and I enjoy following individuals who embody certain philosophies, display certain characteristics, have certain styles ... but if you're looking to pigeonhole me, my affiliations, as I've said before, are easily categorized: Zambia, Italia, Cruyff ...


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ARIAGA II;3394980 said:
Both of them and Shawarma (sp) are most likely doing the same girls.



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I am disappointed with Balotelli moving to Milan because this means players like Dzeko will play more for City. The more troll players City has, the better!


The Von Trapps
hah, he must have cursed them after La Masia didn't sign him :Devil: ...

and I thought this banner from the match was funny:

right to worry, but he's only ever scored once against Italian teams in 8 matches, and that was a penalty ... don't think he has a worse record against any other top league ...


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That's not a very interesting or relevant stat. Messi has 0 goals in 8 games against Chelsea. I don't think it means anything.


The Von Trapps
not relevant?! Barça-Chelsea is one of the biggest modern European rivalries, and that's a big stat ... just like it is against Italian teams ...

I wouldn't put it past him to correct that in the second leg, but it's relevance before and after this game can't be understated, let alone dismissed ...