Adboard, Ball, Boot, Scoreboard, etc Request Thread

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Can any Scoreboard Maker make Chealsea TV Scoreboard



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Milanello88;3333372 said:
excuse me guys...
how can I import gk kits for teams that has not licensed kit?????
sorry for my english

open creation master 13, go to kit area, there will be an option of "Clone" , just right side !! click on that and now there you can select Your team, your team kit (means which kit you want like GK, Home , Away, 3rd kit etc ),

Now click ok and done. Now you can see that your team will have an option of GK kit ... there import the kit, save it :)


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Mad Man;3449263 said:
I have a request please use this texture and the other texture to create CS ball.

What is CS? Counter Strike?? I don`t need textures, I can make them. But it would help, if you give me the name of the ball, year, league so that I can search for the Logo that is used in the ball.