Adboard, Ball, Boot, Scoreboard, etc Request Thread


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So, I do not know how to work in a blender
but, I have prepared a sketch of the new Nike ball (beta). Who knows how to work in a blender, contact me and I will give full version.
Regards Ukraine


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GuYS please please please help me! I've deleted my fifa 13 folder tons of times still my squads dont work.. been reseting my squads tons of times.. Removed all my "saved" squads in my documents/fifa folder..

Still dont work! I've all the new MODDINGWAY patches, but still. It doesnt work.. I've used Cm (Creation Master) a few times but maybe thats the thing who messed my moddingway patch up..

Anyway what can i do to have my squads updated :(

Thanks! /Dylan.


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I haven't seen the new Nike ball made by anyone, but it is present in MW patch.
Can someone please share it?



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I got a question it may sound stupid but I cant find the default ea boots in CM13 I want replace them so my created players can use them thanks for anyone's help :)

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i have made the textures of this ball and i want to know which model i can use to look similar to the real ball