Adboards, Balls, Boots, Scoreboards Request Thread


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This Year the FIFA 15 Default Scoreboard/Popup is Very Similar to the Champions League Scoreboard(its need "just" texture change) hope that Somebody will make it.

What about adboards? Can we this year make that the adboard in the middle of the pitch is different from the rest? Like in Champions League...

Sorry for bad English.


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Euro Competitions balls and adboards

It would be nice to get these few things with the tools we currently have at our disposal : Champions League and Europa League balls in 15 format and adboard conversions. I can't get the ball textures to work at the moment, help would be much appreciated guys.

Cheers :)


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Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of our ball makers would be interested in helping me with something. I'm attempting to create sort of a template texture for the CBF version of the Nike Ordem ball.
Here's a screenshot of how it's turning up (bear in mind I'm not a ball maker, not by a long shot lol, which by the image is pretty obvious)

Any help would be extremely appreciated.
Thanks in advance