Additional and randomized boots & hairstyles


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Hello, everyone !

Would it be possible to somehow assign multiple boot types and hairstyles to a player ?
You know ? Players really do change their hair and boots quite often, sometimes every other week.

Or maybe you're just not sure if you prefer CR7 with ponytail, normal short hair, mohawk or blond spaghetti noodles. So why choose ? Let's have it all.

How would this work ? Well, I imagine that instead of assigning one singular ID for the hairstyle you would give it a "range". Something like this, maybe:

hairstyle_ID = {247, 365, 841}

So every time you start a match, it will RANDOMLY choose one of those 3.

The same goes for boots, and really any other accessories (gloves, wrist bands, ankle tape), or appearance settings (length of socks, sleeves, kit fit, etc).

So does anyone have any idea if this is even remotely possible ? :innocent_smile_1: