Age of Empires 3


ngyc said:
infesta, can you put some ss? i wish to know how it looks like with Radeon 9800 Pro

the game run smoothly on my notebook but will have a little bit lag when fighting. the first i was detroy by spain :( but i revenge in the second game :p

btw, thanks mod for modified the title (Y)

Np. I would take those ss if I knew how. Is there a good program to do it?

Eh, England also kicked my ass at first but mis muchachos showed them why La Liga is the best championship. The game seems very nice, but got to agree with PSV: the interface is ****. Hopefully it'll be customizable or something.


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Heh at the customising bit though.

The game has become way way way too cluttered, I reckon it's actually a step back from AoE2 in terms of gameplay.


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I like the demo, the user interface is terrible though. Way too big, and important things like HP, attack and armor arent displayed. Good game though, although AoE II is still better IMO

It is shown. You could either click on the other tab on the bottom right hand corner while cliking on a unit or just press alt. :ewan:


ngyc said:
@infesta: how about fraps?

Ok. Between dld+installing fraps, uploading, etc., I went through too much trouble to take these 2 screens. :p
It lost a bit of res when I passed it from bmp to jpg, but I hope they give you the idea. I also used different resolutions for the ss's.





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looks great on 9800 pro but like you said, still no way near the ss showed by essemble studio. i guess they are using 6800 / x850 or higher end graphic card. HDR and Shader Model 3.0 does improve the graphics i guess


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I got the game today (Y) Some game store already sold it (H)

I like the game so far, but its got its flaws, here's a short review from me:

Graphics: 9
Even on low settings it looks beautiful, especially sea battles look awesome with huge ships, not those thingy things from the previous age of series, and huge cannons, besides the water looks beautiful too. Shooting buildings looks good too, parts flying of it, and nearby enemies actually DO get damaged because of it. Trees dont look good though IMO

Gameplay: 8
Its still good, but its basically the same as all the previous age of empires, except for the addition of Home Cities, which I dont really like so far. I dont like not having to build drop sites anymore too, but I will get used to that.

Replay: 9
A large campaign, a lot of different random maps, scenario editor, online. IMO this kind of strategy games never get boring too.

AI: 7
Pathfinding still sucks, some of my cannons got stuck trying to walk through a house. The AI is pretty competitive though, which is good, and it isnt done by cheating as I heard (on AoE 2 on hardest the CPU would get quite a lot resources more)

Maps: 7
There are a lot of different ones, which vary quite a lot, but I get the feeling they all are a tad too small.

Sound: 7
Music is good, although it just looks like it is the same as AoE2, but then a bit altered. The voice acting is poor IMO. They really overdid accents, you start the campaign with one veeeeery annoying Scot, with a very stupid accents. The little messages when you give orders to units are annoying too. I know Dutch the best, and it sounds very weird. A woman saying ''Timmerman'' isnt actually good too. She isnt a man...

Other: 8
There are a lot of small features that makes this game fun, in one random map you could kill some wolves, who were trying to get some Indian in a tree. When you killed them, the indian would join you, these little things make it fun and more replayable. Sometimes these things can be annoying too. I was having a fight in the middle of some Indian village. As this village is one of those ''mother nature'' things, it didnt participate. And the indians were just sitting outside, smoking their pipes, doing their dances, while there was a fight going on at that exact same point.

And btw, they made the UI smaller, yay


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dont know if someone posted one already..but here u are...

ok im a cheater in age of empires....always have been...i just liek waging war with massive resources...kill me hehe...but i made this cheat for all to use......just download the rar....unpack the proto.xml to the data folder in your age of empires installed folder.....and replace the existing one....and youll have........

99999999 resources of ANY type when your settler picks up a crate of any resource...

also your settler will pull the full 99999999 from the crate instead of bit by bit now....

settlers also gather standard resources 10x faster now too and can carry more.....

i also edited how fast the settler builds buildings from 1 to 9

some other things edited as well....ill do more cheats until the official trainer is released......any feedback is appreciated.....and of course i can change other things if anyone wants...ithink this all anyone really need to wage war tho...

enjoy fellow cheaters..atleast until a good trainer is out...


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Game is class really, anyway can you do some "cheats" so I have like level 80 and everything unlocked, aka cards and customisation. I want to see what every team has to offer so I can go them to begin with, instead of going them, spending hours playing them and finding out they suck compared to the rest etc.


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I got the game, i didn't think i'd get into it cause i'm pretty bored of games (especially strategies) but i like it and have finished act 1/3 of single player

online lobby dosen't work for me, but does anyone here wanna play 2vs2comp Direct IP?

i prefered the old aged theme, not this 1500-1800 age


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Yep, it's become too ******* complicated and unwieldy it's no longer fun to play.

The same's for Civilization 4, the transition to 3D killed it, I think. I find I'm still playing Civ3 over it.


Really? I just got Civ4... I spent countless hours playing Civ3, so if they're going to pull a AoE3 on me I'm going to be pissed. It'll be the end of strategic ancient 3d games. :jambo:
ngyc said:
seriously, the RTS game i love most is Star Craft :$

same here... I think RTS games are heading down the same way as fighting games, too much emphasis placed on graphics, complexity, and general fluff that the fun is being drawn out of them.